60000 Btu Gas Furnace Xenia

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50.9 mmBtu/hr Natural Gas Fired Reheat Furnace 77.8 mmbtu/hr 25.98 mmbtu/hr.137 mmbtu/hr The heat content of the gas was 347 Btu/scf, the velocity (method 2) was 39.5 ft/sec and meets the requirements of 40 CFR 60.18(c)(3), (f)(4) and (f)(5).

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Float glass furnace –galaxsee good oper practices Platt Environmental 29.8 tons draw/hr 18 MM Btu/hr natural gas-fired boiler 13,800 lbs steam/hr 400 ppm corrected to 3% O2 XENIA 45385 7699 TWO AUTOMATED AND ONE HAND FILE SHARPENING MACHINES WET SCRUBBER

(225 MMBtu/hr natural gas, blast furnace gas, and fuel oil fired boiler) 225 mmbtu/hr 0.15 lb/mmbtu 258.3 mmbtu/hr 0.013 lb/mmbtu 300 TPH Gentec drum asphalt plant with 60,000 ACFM baghouse. Permitted to burn natural gas, 76.8 mm Btu/hr, natural gas-fired continuous annealing furnace

Existing Vic Model 1035 perchloroethylene dry-to-dry cleaning machine cleaning less than 60,000 pounds of articles per year Final Issuance Melting and casting furnace for vertical semi-continuous caster equipped with a 12 mm btu/hour natural gas fired water heater, boiler #4 Final

Installation of new gas meter in cellar, new gas line to commercial oven on first floor. new venting for commercial oven. new package a/c units as per plans. new grease trap (interceptor) and service sink in cellar. no change to occupancy, use, or egress. 125

60000 60000. 205 96119 41.05-120.45332999999999 1997 10 10000. 206 95338 37.50432-120.00579999999999 2081 40 720000. 336 94025 37.492899999999999-122.1759 1960 1984 160 5000000 1.1499999999999999 50 1. 207 96057 41.241999999999997-122.13200000000001 1995 12.5 50000. 208 95949 39.172600000000003

xenia st this application is to subdivide existing one zoning lot into one zoning lot and two tax lots # 1 and 44. no change in use, egress and occupancy. new gas line to supply an outside barbeque (burner)

xenia street adrian figueroa robert gans barracuda llc 617 11 ave senior citizens recreation center 402489856 107 install new gas fired furnace in ceiling & new condenser on ground outside premesis. 500859074 wagner street

XENIA STREET 01956 4048149 THOMAS F CUSAANELLI Renovate existing basement and add a new Furnace and hot water heater. 1 TOILET & GAS DRYER). CAP AND REMOVE SHOWER AND GAS PIPE AT NORTH WALL REAR . USE OF CELLAR AS RECREATION AREA ACC.

xenia street laundry area (2 sinks,1 gas dryer,1 wash. machine), bathroom fixtures (1 toilet,1 lavatory). cellar to be use install a milti awua mhwx36 36 0000 btu mea #319 00e wall unit with a lu xaire #hbct036s 36,000 btu mea #101 96e condensing unit in basement

Replace gas and plumbing fixtures. no change to use, occupancy, height, built or egress 520037479 1887 richmond ave robert j stahl barry greenfield richmond tri star 57-60 xenia st

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