90 Efficient Gas Furnace Thermostat

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MODEL P3UR IAMON 90 D ® HOW YOUR GAS FURNACE WORKS Your furnace is a very easy appliance to take for granted. Season after season, it sits there in your home, keeping you thermostat is reached, the gas valve closes, the main burners are turned off,

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Gas Furnace PG96V Nomenclature 90 91 Gas Furnaces 95% AFUE Up to 95.5 AFUE Two heating stages and efficient ECM blower motor Gas Furnace PG95S Nomenclature Title Brand Product Efficiency Voltage Major Series Product #/ Letter P G 95 S A

Electrically efficient ECM2+ motor, the Prestige Series™ 90 Plus gas furnaces are available as optional accessories. A.F.U.E. Modulating Furnace Thermostat “Visit RheemAC.com/ taxcredit for complete details.

A Freedom@ 90 furnace can make. American Standard gas furnaces are intelligently designed with comfort When you choose an American Standard Freedom 90 furnace, you'll Keep your thermostat at the lowest comfortable temperature

Acclimate™ Series Modulating Gas Furnaces. That’s the idea behind the Luxaire® Acclimate™ modulating gas furnace. Traditional furnaces run at one or two heating stages. Modulating gas furnaces Ideal 72° Thermostat Setting Temperature Fluctuations

Gas-Fired Furnace XB 90 TDC1B040A9241A, TDC1B060A9361A TDC1B080A9421A, TDC1C100A9481A of quiet and efficient service. All models can be converted to L.P. gas without Trane Downflow/Horizontal Condensing, Gas-Fired Furnace

Premium 90 Plus Two-Stage Gas Furnace with Dual Comfort ControlTM Series Model RGRL Upflow er than any less efficient furnace. So you 90 Plus Two-Stage Furnaces with Dual Comfort ControlTM

Trane 95 and 90 gas furnaces. Because a cozier, * An XL900 or XL950 Trane thermostat is required with an XC95m for communicating capability. Your Trane gas furnace is already going to make you more comfortable than you imagine.

Upflow/Horizontal Condensing, Gas-Fired Furnace XB 90 TUC1B040A9241A, TUC1B060A9361A TUC1B080A9421A, of quiet and efficient service. All models XB 90 OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT Thermostat, Electronic,

• Electronic Thermistor Thermostat Maintains Temperature If your High-Efficient Wall Furnace does require service, Gas Furnace 0.0083 0.03% ©Empire Comfort Systems, Inc. EHS-00044 11/16/09 918 Freeburg Ave. Belleville,

ENERGY STAR ® certified high−efficiency natural gas furnace. while a furnace with 90% efficiency will provide 90,000 BTU/hr. As a result, when you buy a more efficient furnace, you likely won’t need to buy one with

40" 90% Gas Furnaces Gas Furnace Supply Type Nominal Input G K S 9 045 3 B X A Additional Features Major Revision A: Initial Release Airflow NOTE: Complete lineup of thermostats can be found in the Thermostat Specification Sheets. Filters:

ENERGY EFFICIENT GAS FURNACES MULTIPOISE Model Vent Dia Casing Width (In.) Approx. Ship. Wt (lb) This Perfect Humidity furnace also increases comfort in the summer by wringing out extra humidity. The 315AAV • Continuous Fan speed adjustable from thermostat

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