Amana Horizontal Gas Furnace

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A large array of Amana NOMINAL WIDTH FOR GAS FURNACE A: Fits 21" Furnace Cabinet D: Fits 24 1/2" Furnace Cabinet N: Does Not Apply (Horizontal Slab Coils) APPLICATION A: Upflow/Downflow Coil H: Horizontal A Coil S: Horizontal Slab Coil REFRIGERANT

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Amana Furnace Installation Manual Houston, TX 77056 • The precautions listed in this Installation Manual are intended as supplemental to existing A gas-fired furnace for installation in

Goodman Gas Furnace Installation Manual 2.3 Gas Fired Central Furnaces. The precautions listed in this Installation Manual are intended as supplemental to existing practices.

Amana® Brand Gas Furnace, 39" tall, Upflow/Horizontal Right or Left, Goodman® Brand80% Gas Furnace, 39" tall, Upflow/Horizontal Left or Right, Goodman® Brand 95% Variable Speed – 2 stage Gas Furnace, Upflow/Horizontal Left or Right, 40" tall, 2-stage

Amana Gas Furnace Gas 92 GUSA Amana Gas 90 DMS90453BXA Amana Gas 90 DMS90703BXA Amana Gas 90 DMS90704CXA Amana Gas 90 DMS90904CXA Amana Gas 90 Lennox Pulse 21 Gas Furnace 93.2-96.2 All models beginning with G21 or GSR21

Deciphering the model number shows that this Amana furnace model is an upflow gas furnace with induced draft, a nominal output of 45K Btuh, All manufacturers have similar coding schemes for their furnace model numbers. Horizontal HZ = Horizontal DH = Downflow/ Horizontal 1 = One pipe

SS-DGMS8 amana 5/10 Amana GMS8/GdS8/GHS8 80% AFUE The Amana® Distinctions™ brand GMS8/GDS8/GHS8 Single-Stage, Multi-Speed Gas Furnaces feature a patented aluminized-steel tubular heat exchanger and energy-efficient Hot Surface Ignition system. This furnace is run-tested for

SS-AMH95 11/12 A M cpora ela G c p H texas. Supersedes 4/12 AMH95 GAs FurnAce up to 96% AFue Standard Features • Heavy-duty MillionAir® stainless-steel,

Garrison gas furnaces are available with a limited lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger, the heart of the furnace. Oil Furnaces 80+% UPFLOW/HORIZONTAL GAS FURNACE BTU INPUT BTU OUTPUT CUBIC FEET PER MINUTE WIDTH HEIGHT DEPTH VENT SIZE

Premium Amana® Brand Quality Stainless-Steel, Tubular Primary Heat Exchanger High-Efficiency Single-Stage Multi-Speed Gas Furnace Downflow, Horizontal | Up to 92% AFUE ACSS92|

90 HORIZONTAL GAS FURNACE INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS GAS FURNACE SAFETY Table of Contents When installing a WEC coil in a horizontal position with a horizontal gas furnace, the open end of the A-coil must face the supply air outlet of the furnace

SS-AMVC95 9/10 • Convenient left or right connection for gas/electric service • Coil and furnace fit flush for most installations AMVC95: up to 96% AFue DCVK-30 Horizontal/Vertical Concentric Vent Kit (3”)

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