Baseboard Heater Danger

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Home Heating Safety A Factsheet on Safely Heating Your Home Baseboard Heaters Baseboard heaters are very efficient, but they can be a serious fire hazard if used care-

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DANGER!! WARNING!! Read Carefully – These instructions are written to help you prevent difficulties that might arise during usage Portable Baseboard Heater Wiring Diagram for Portable Baseboard N Element Thermostat Limit Tip-over L1 Ground Heat on Light

The SoftHEAT baseboard heater must be properly leveled when installed, in order for the heating chamber to function properly. Inside a SoftHEAT baseboard, DANGER: High temperatures may be gener-ated under certain abnormal conditions. Do not

SoftHEAT Baseboard Heater DANGER: High temperatures may be gener-ated under certain abnormal conditions. Do not The solution in your softHEAT baseboard is a non-toxic thermal fluid (Material Safety Data Sheet available upon request).

Glycol can be used in hydronic systems for protection against water freezing within the system. These guidelines should be considered for appropriate use of glycol products in

Thank you for purchasing this new heater manufactured by a division of Marley Elements of FBE Series Baseboard: 2 years NEED TECHNICAL OR WARRANTY ASSISTANCE? é lectrique approprié e pour ê tre utilisé sans danger.

Using Water Heaters for Radiant Heat water heater with an external heat exchanger. There are a couple of ultra-high efficiency water Figure: Typical Baseboard Hydronic Installation (from another article) Title: furnace.PDF Author: jfstraub

Heater Assembly 1. After removing the heater from its carton, carefully inspect it for possible shipping damage. Return damaged units to point of purchase.

Brasch designs and manufactures electric heating equipment danger of electric shock Used in high moisture areas Elements are easily removable BASEBOARD HEATER Sizes up to 10 feet 140-250 watts/foot Ask for Bulletin A-180 WALL AND

FEDERAL PACIFIC ELECTRIC CO., ) ) EMK filed suit against Federal Pacific, claiming that an electric baseboard heater that Federal Pacific manufactured caused the fire. Compl. Attach. 3 Report is substantially outweighed by the danger of unfair prejudice, confusion of the

Revision Date: 11-Aug-2015 Safety Data Sheet Spartan Chemical Company, Inc. 1. PRODUCT AND COMPANY IDENTIFICATION Product Identifier Product Name: SHINELINE BASEBOARD STRIPPER

However, if a portable space heater is used, it must conform to sections of the International Fire Code 2006, New Jersey Editioncurrently enforced throughout the state. This code directly addresses the use of portable, electric space heaters in

INSTRUCTION MANUAL 200 V systems SBT-0.75K/1.5K to SBT 22K/30K for general industry, fan and pump • Near a heater or other heat source Danger Do not modify this product.

A gas water heater cannot operate properly without the correct amount of air for combustion. Do not install in a confined area such a closet, unless you provide air as shown in the “Locating The New Water Heater” section. Never obstruct the flow of ven-

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