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HYDRONIC ELECTRIC BASEBOARD HEATER • Permanent mount unit, offered in 28” to 96” lengths from 400 to2000 watts. HEATER LENGTH (IN.) WT. (LBS) 28 WHITE LIST WATTS 96 58 33 41 60 BTU's. AMPSVOLTS 22 MODEL MODEL STANDARD WHITE COMMERCIAL BROWN 563

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baseboard heater ENGINEERING SPECIFICATIONS: CONVECTION Four weeks or more lead time is required on all special color baseboard orders. Special pricing will apply. for thermal protection, extending the full length of the heating element,

baseboard heater CB FEATURES: Convection Heat Ceramic Element Quiet Running • Low density heat • Backwire design Thermal Cutout: A continuous capillary sensor extends the full length of the baseboard, turning the element off when an over temperature condition occurs.

heater accommodate any length of baseboard heater. standard panel sizes include 2', baseboard heaters, hydronic baseboard heaters, qmark, marley dimplex, cadet. The revolutionary Dimplex Linear Convector is smaller, faster and smarter. 42% Smaller than conventional baseboard

SPACE: A baseboard heater takes up more wall space than a fan-forced heater which can cause problems placing furniture. FAN HEATER OR BASEBOARD? WHICH FAN HEATER TO CHOOSE? Two breakers tied together indicates a 240 Volt circuit feeding your heater.

VLX Baseboard Specifications supply return air vent H L – 2" 1" min L Actual Length pipe pipe 4 Tubes CL CL C LC L Actual Length 4" 4" 2" 12-16 feet long Equal Equal Equal

For best results, install the baseboard heater under a window, along an outside wall, with a full length capillary sensor tube that temporarily shuts the heater off when excessive operating temperatures are detected. For effective

ELECTRIC BASEBOARD – STEEL ELEMENT CONVECTION HEATERS •Available in white or ivory with steel heating element and aluminum fins HEATER LENGTH (IN) 7 40 8 48 10 96 18 120 22 72 14 60 36 57 59 65 12 24 5 28 6 141 156 68 82 102 115. ELECTRIC BASEBOARD ACCESSORIES

A full length capillary sensor tube is an integral part of each unit. Case, cover, and deflector are made of 24 The electric baseboard heater may be placed directly on the floor and mounted to the wall. An optional Cadet MTX mounting

Electric Baseboard Heater Specs Electric baseboard heaters are UL listed, factory rated at 120V, 208V, and dual rated Baseboard heaters work best when placed under a window and at least.

General Information: The electric baseboard heater is the number one choice for low cost installation, and the quiet operation makes it the preferred heater for

Tankless Gas Water Heater Hot water is continuously supplied for any length of time required as long as the specified flow rates are not exceeded. There is no need to set the temperature higher than required for sufficient capacity.

PART 5 – HEATER PIPING . APPROXIMATE TIME / TEMPERATURE RELATIONSHIPS IN SCALDS 120oF More than 5 minutes 125oF 1 ½ to 2 minutes 130oF About 30 seconds 135oF About 10 seconds THE WATER HEATER TO THE FAN COIL IN THE AIR HANDLER. 2.

Point of parallel installation is the length of the supply piping and delivery piping The existing system will not handle the demand and a new water heater must be installed. The new heater is not identical to the existing heater. In this one tank at a time. As hot water is drawn,

Table of Contents 5. Water Heating Requirements the sum of the piping length from the water heater to all the mini-manifolds is less than 15 ft, b) 7,800 ft² multi-family building with a 200 gallon storage gas water heater with a time

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