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Electric Baseboard Heaters 1800, 2500, C1800 & C2500 Series WARNING For most efficient operation locate heaters along outside wall under windows. Position heater so it can be secured to wall stud. (HOT) Breaks on temp. rise

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Low profile hot water baseboard radiation More efficient. WATER PRE SSURE 140°F‡ 150°F 160°F 170°F 180°F 190°F 200°F 210°F 215°F 220°F FLOW DROP* 1 GPM 47 290 350 420 480 550 620 680 750 780 820 4 GPM 525 310 370 440 510 580 660 720 790 820 870

Electric Baseboard Heaters 2500 & C2500 Series Read all instructions before installing or using the heater. 2. A heater has hot and arcing or sparking parts inside, Do not NOTE:For most efficient operation locate heaters along outside

Hot Water Hot-water or hydronic heating systems circulate boiler-heated water through radiators, which make them inherently less efficient than forced air or hot water. Electric space heaters, such as baseboard units,

Energy-efficient electric space heaters used to provide supplemental heat can save energy and money. At prices as of August 2009, it costs about twice as much to get the same amount of heat from electric space heaters or electric baseboard than it does from heat hot water for household

Condensing-boiler/hot-water baseboard combination; (2) evaluating and defining the optimal operating parameters of the condensing boiler/indirect domestic hot water combination; (3) to ensure highly efficient, reliable condensing boiler performance.

Combination heating/hot water heater! The Voyager SSVH model SSVH models are very efficient and powerful water heating devices. amounts of hot water in a very small compact design when compared with conventional water heaters.

Hydronic heating systems use water as a “conveyor belt through properly-sized propane water heaters. These include it also provides a unique and efficient way to provide domestic hot water. Modern luxury homes, some with six or more bathrooms,

The closed system is not connected to the potable domestic water source. A heating system Boilers are engineered to make very hot water. Domestic water heaters are Baseboard Heating To Floor Heating Water Heater Mixing Valve

•FAQ SECTION ON HOW OUR INFRARED HEATERS WORK FOR YOU IN YOUR HOME fact you can uses your gas hot water heater and stay warm for under the Infrared radiation is the perfect wave form for the most efficient heating systems. Infrared heat is also the most therapeutic type

It comes in contact with the hot element and released back into the room. While baseboard heating has many desirable features, • Heating with water is highly efficient Cons of Baseboard Heating: • Heating air creates stratification

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