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This is an unvented gas-fired heater. It uses air (oxygen) from the room in which it is Do not install the heaters in a bathroom or bedroom. 1 . Correct installation of the ceramic fiber logs, the side wall horizontal vented gas fueled equipment.

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Portable electric heaters are easy to use, yet provide safe and dependable heating comfort. For more information visit Available Feature Comforts Milkhouse Utility Heater (SH-CH-11T) EW9707 Heat Type Electric convection Radiant Radiant Heat Settings 1 3 3

MD200TBA-BB MD300TBA-BB MD200HBA-BB MD300HBA-BB This heater shall not be installed in a bedroom or bathroom, or the place which the strong wind would shut down the appliance. These heaters have a control valve with a thermostat sensing bulb.

Center at for complete, heaters reduce standby heat loss by up to 30%. Refer to the yellow EnergyGuide label on the water heaters including wall-mount and ceiling models. These fixtures distribute light more evenly

Unvented heaters. State and local codes in some areas prohibit the use of vent-free tween wall-ceiling joints, be-tween wall panels, at penetra- UNVENTED NATURAL GAS LOG HEATER 103424 TROUBLESHOOTING Continued

FASTENING HEATER TO WALL ..7 FLOOR MOUNTING AWAY FROM WALL may not be installed in a bedroom or bathroom, or any place where a strong wind would shut down the Unvented LP-Gas Vent Free Room Heaters 10 Installation Instructions and Owner’s Manual Equipment Shutoff Valve Open Control the On/Off status of permanently installed lighting, Do Not use Z-Wave devices to control electric heaters or any existing wall switch. It may be used by itself for 2-way control (one

PFS ® US REMOTE-READy room or bathroom, unless installed as a vented appliance. See Installing Damper Clamp Accessory for Vented Operation, page 12. This gas log set may not be in- • wall switch • hand-held ON/OFF remote • wall thermostat

Toilet Partitions Computation Guide An In-Depth Guide for Determining Partition Layouts s#OMPARTMENTWIDTHSAREMEASURED wall to wall, wall to centerline of panel, and centerline of panel to centerline of panel. s# baseboard heaters. Be sure to note special conditions on

HEATERS BALANCED VENTILATION SYSTEMS VENTILATION FAN/LIGHTS Make yours a Broan-NuTone home. make-up air duct can be run to a wall or ceiling register in a location that minimizes concerns about drafts and maintains a five-foot separation

heaters, or wall heaters. UL-approved Type B gas vent products form a continuous passageway from an approved gas appliance to the termination of the vent above the roof of the structure. For a perfect connection, all of the vent connector

VENT-FREE GAS WALL HEATER INFRARED MODEL #MD3TPF MD5TPF ITEM #0348820 0348821 Do not install in a bathroom or bathroom. 3. This heater needs fresh air ventilation to run properly. fired supplemental room heaters shall provide to each purchaser a copy of 527 CMR 30

heaters certified for installation in manufactured homes (mobile homes). an odorant is added by the gas supplier to the gas double wall vent pipe, maintain the manufacturer’s specified minimum clearance from combustible materials.

lowes outlet tester.pdf FREE PDF DOWNLOAD NOW!!! Source #2: Lowes Home Improvement: Shop for home improvement equipment, water heaters, pressure washers, portable generators, Paneling can transform a bathroom, family

220-240 Volt Products 688EX Ceiling/Wall Mount Exhaust Fan Torsion spring grille mounting 220-240 Volt Products Dependable, high performance bathroom ventilation. FEATURES GRILLE:

HEATERS Water vapor is a by-product of gas combustion. An bathroom 5. Always run heater with control knob at LOW or HIGH locked positions. Never wall-ceiling joints, between wall panels, at penetrations for plumbing,

Unvented heaters. State and local codes in some areas prohibit the use of vent-free tween wall-ceiling joints, be-tween wall panels, at penetra- UNVENTED NATURAL GAS LOG HEATER 103424 TROUBLESHOOTING Continued

Twin-Flo IIII I heater bathroom cabinet installation. The Space Saving Alternative to Hot Water Baseboard. Kickspace Models on or in the wall, kickspace heaters are ideal for hard to heat areas such as foyers, kitchens, and bathrooms.

High Efficiency Water Heaters Provide Hot Water for Less Heating water accounts for approximately 15 percent of a home’s energy use. High efficiency water heaters use 10 to 50 percent less energy than standard models,

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