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The BEST Outdoor Wood Furnaces On the Market! Revised 1/10/2009. 2 INTRODUCTION Thank-You and congratulations on the purchase of your new Shaver Outdoor Wood (or Coal) Locate the outdoor wood furnace where it will be convenient for refueling and wood storage.

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Heat Treat Furnaces n Class I Furnaces Cold air furnaces pulse firing (+/- 2.8 C @ 316 C) n Class II Furnaces Cold air furnaces firing with to best meet the needs of the Forging Industry. Thermal Process Solutions for Forging Capabilities Application Benefits

Furnaces pictured reflect standard shipping configuration. Stack height may vary according to HPBA Best Burn Practices. a Until recently, heating with wood meant installing a wood stove or fireplace, splitting wood, hauling it into the home

• Decide which type of natural gas heating system is best for your home, with guidance from the Many existing furnaces and boilers are n ’ t properly sized, or are so inefficient that a smaller, more efficient unit would be advisable.

Gas Furnaces Product List Manufacturer Name Product Family Name Fuel Type AFUE Rating Model Series Air­Ease Advantage 93 II Gas 92.5 All models beginning with G2D93

RV FURNACES SERVICE MANUAL. 2 TABLE OF CONTENTS – N o-< No spark at the electrode-No-< Replace the module.? Yes? Che ck for 12vd at gas s olen id valve.-N o-< Replace the module.? Yes?? Did the gas valve open.-No-< Check gas pressure at the manifold or for

WOOD & C O mbinati O n FUEL F U rna CE s Napoleon’s Hybrid Multi Fuel Combination Furnaces are extremely clean burning wood furnaces that are certified to the

Furnaces Up To 85% AFUE Highboy Oil Furnace Quality, Reliability and Value 10-Year All Parts Limited Warranty Rock-solid warranty coverage to protect your investment. When you choose Airtemp® for your home comfort, your system comes with one of the best warranties in the business

ENERGY STAR Oil Furnaces Product List List Posted on March 01, 2013 Below are currently qualified ENERGY STAR models available for sale in the U.S. and Canada

*UC1B040A9241A *UC1B060A9361A *UC1B080A9421A *UC1C100A9481A Upflow/ Horizontal and Downflow/ Horizontal Gas-Fired Condensing Furnaces ALL phases of this installation must comply with NATIONAL, STATE AND LOCAL CODES

2 Proper Venting of Gas Furnaces What is the Best Way to Vent a Condensing Gas Furnace? Bryant introduced the first high-efficiency condensing gas furnace in the early 1980s.

FOR THE EFFICIENT MELTING OF ALUMINIUM ALLOYS the best-in-class products for typical foundry n Dosing furnaces n Bale-out furnaces Low pressure furnaces Refractory lined low pressure furnaces have traditionally cast linings.

• All furnaces are manufactured for use on 115 VAC, 60 Hz, single-phase electrical supply. • Gas Service Connection ½” FPT • Important: Size fuses and wires properly and make electrical connections in accordance with the National Electrical Code and/or all

furnace cement Furnace/Stove Cement A ready to use, premixed, repair boilers, furnaces, fireboxes, flue pipes, stoves, ducts, kilns, chimneys, combustion chambers, and many other furnace and refractory applications.Patented formula meets

4 Why Read this Guide? Use this guide to help you: Learn how best to maintain your heating and cooling equipment. Take steps around your home to improve

Induction furnaces require two separate electrical systems: one for the cooling system, furnace tilting and instrumentation, and the other for the induction coil power. A line to the plant’s power distribution panel

Gas Furnaces Product List Manufacturer Name Product Family Name Fuel Type AFUE Rating Model Series Air­Ease Advantage 93 II Gas 92.5 All models beginning with G2D93

furnaces. They must also have training and experience necessary to install related comfort air conditioning appliances. This furnace operates best when return -air temperature is between 55°F and 80°F. Do not install furnace in a location

Providing the best in combustion systems, industrial furnace design, construction, and support services for improving thermal processes. Forging Furnaces n Class II Furnaces Multi pair of 4343 TwinBed II burners firing on ratio (+/-15 F @ 1650 F & 1900 F)

Inspecting furnaces and boilers For more information on Thermal Imagers It’s the best way to communicate the problems you found and any suggested repairs. Printed in U.S.A. 1/2008 2524871 A-EN-N Rev B Fluke.

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