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And know how each works, • Have gained knowledge of tips and best practices for • Understand why heating with oil or gas can be good for the environment. The difference between furnaces and boilers. For many homes in New Brunswick it is common to go

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1 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS KG7S (C and L Series) High Efficiency / Direct Vent or Non Direct Vent Condensing Upflow/Horizontal and Downflow Gas Furnaces

And Downflow Gas Furnaces Induced Draft – 95.1 AFUE Input 60,000 • Best packaging in the industry applications, works well with taller high SEER coils, easier to handle and install.

Using Water Heaters for Radiant Heat Gas-fired water heaters can provide reliable, components rated for use with potable water to limit corrosion and scaling. While it works fine to use a water heater for space heating alone,

Best Practices for Optimization How a Make-Up Air System Works Typical direct-fired burner assembly Indirect gas-fired make-up air heating equipment is only 60% to 80% efficient due to heat exchanger inefficiency and heat lost up the flue.

Trane gas-fired duct furnace. No effort has been spared to make this product one of the best obtainable. The objective was to produce an appliance that would be low in first cost and installation cost, (50% of the furnaces rated input). Requires the use of a two-stage thermostat.

To the original owner, the Carrier Infinity 96 gas furnace is covered a by works during milder days while the high capacity engages Gas Furnaces System Humidity Control Speed Technology

Water Heater Guide. Produced by Conventional gas-fired water heaters are tested and rated to the CSA P.3 standard, which determines their EF. In use, used with high-efficiency gas furnaces. Without the constraint of a chimney,

Lopi truly offers the BEST WARRANTY ON GAS APPLIANCES! All stoves are listed as heater rated furnaces. Lopi gas stoves determine what insert works best for your application. One Piece Panels For a clean look a one piece panel is

Indoor Wood Furnace EP A has determ ined, based on tes ting b acred ited independent laboratory best with large diameter logs a few inches shorter than the How it Works Features comfort

Rated at 99.9 percent efficient, • Empire Heating Systems 3. Vent-Free Systems Think cat on a windowsill! Our radiant heaters project warmth . wall furnaces ideal for smaller rooms, such as bedrooms

Consultant who works with builders to qualify and verify for ENERGY For some homes, the gas furnaces, rated at 92.5 AFUE (annual fuel 2 CASE STUDY: SCHNEIDER HOMES, INC., BUILDING AMERICA BEST PRACTICES SERIES.

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