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Antifreeze for Ultra Boiler systems 1. Weil-McLain recommends only the product covered in this antifreeze, even glycol made for hydronic systems. Use only freeze-prevention fluids recommended by Weil-McLain or manufacturers equivalent for

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International, Inc. Rev. 09/15/06 C401.0 Anti-Freeze Protection for the AERCO Modulex Boiler Antifreeze HVAC glycol, where required, must be suitable for aluminum heat exchangers

WASTE DISPOSAL METHOD: Propylene Glycol has been evaluated for RCRA characteristics and does not meet the criteria of a hazardous waste if discarded in its purchased form.

Glycol can be used in hydronic systems for protection against water freezing within the system. These guidelines should be considered for appropriate use of glycol products in

ANTI-FREEZE for heating and cooling systems A blend of virgin (not recycled) boiler manufacturer) work with cryo-tek or other propylene glycol anti-freeze mixtures. 8. MAINTENANCE

Everhot Super Arctic – 100°F Antifreeze BOILER REPAIR AND ANTIFREEZE 12–6 Inhibited propylene glycol fluid used to protect mechanical piping and HVAC systems against freeze damage and internal corrosion. FEATURES:

Q1. Can a boiler that combusts both gas and oil average its emissions when firing gas with those when firing oil?

Cryo-tek -100/AL is a blend of virgin (not recycled) propylene glycol and Hercules exclusive boiler stop leaks. ANTI-FREEZE for aluminum heat exchanger heating and cooling systems TM

GLYCOL SYSTEM Presented at Alberta Public Works, Supply & Services deionised, boiler condensate), otherwise the minerals in some domestic water supplies will deplete the inhibitor concentration in the glycol, thus making it corrosive. The following limits are recommended by the

Antifreeze for Boiler Systems All Hercules Cryo-Tek antifreeze products combine the benefits of antifreeze along with a corrosion inhibitor through an exclusive blend of virgin (not recycled) propylene glycol and a high purity Triple

EVERYTHING YOU WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT GLYCOL A Brewery Glycol System Guide WHAT IS PROPYLENE GLYCOL? Propylene Glycol is a Food Grade Antifreeze.

Glycol Derations for: Ethylene (EG) Propylene (PG) % by Volume Freeze Protection oF to: Derate Boiler Output by OR Increase Flow Rate

BOILER Antifreeze for Hydronic Heating and Cooling' Systems Protects to -1000 F. Safe Odorless Tasteless Systems that have contained non-water fluids such as ethylene glycol should be cleaned to avoid contamination of Boiler -1000 with other fluid(s).

Glycol Heat-Transfer Fluids Ethylene Glycol versus Propylene Glycol Water is probably the most efficent heat-transfer fluid known. If it did not freeze, water

Boiler Systems Modular, Condensing, Hot Water Boilers Models: 303, 454, 606, 757, 909, 1060 GF-115-P-H. Telephone Support with the high efficiency AERCO Modulex boiler. Traditional propylene glycol is not suitable for aluminum heat exchangers:

In a hot water boiler, the pressure/temperature relationship is critical. Unlike a Hot Water Systems 21 1. Maximum Glycol Concentration Firetube:60% Flexible Watertube: 60% Model 4 Watertube: 50% 2. Maximum Outlet Temperature Firetube: up to 300 °F

ANTI-FREEZE for heating and cooling systems A blend of virgin (not recycled) boiler manufacturer) work with cryo-tek or other propylene glycol anti-freeze mixtures. 8. MAINTENANCE

Almost any glycol dehydration scheme. Additionally, the program has heavy ends/crude characterization, complex heat exchanger, tray rating, and a variety of utility calculational operations. Dehydration results obtained by

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