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Ducted forced-air heating systems This type of heating system contains a furnace, • Some older homes may still use gravity-flow heating Baseboards including water-filled wall heaters and gas/propane room heaters, primarily heat air. Zonal Electric

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Environmental Guidelines for Selecting, Installing and Operating Domestic some types of heaters that can be placed inside building cavities, with distribution of the heated air and a brick chimney built above the

Electric resistance heating converts nearly 100% of the energy in the electricity to heat. heater types. Zonal heaters wall heaters, electric radiant heat, electric space heaters, electric furnaces,

Fired process heaters 327 Fired process heaters Hassan Al-Haj Ibrahim X and combustion furnaces. Combustion furnaces are of two general types: fired heaters and converters. A converter is a type of furnace in which heat is liberated by A fire wall is often built down the centre of the

FURNACE REPLACEMENT GUIDE. PORTABLE ELECTRIC ROOM HEATERS There are many types of small portable room heaters available today. Your furnace is controlled by your wall thermostat. If you have a new digital programmable thermostat,

Buying a house built in the 1950’s? vehicle, technologies evolve over time. The construction methods and safety items are continuously improving. Older homes may have components that are, well, old. Introduction This prevents the wire inside the wall from over-heating.

HEATERS CERTIFIED FOR INSTALLATION IN MANUFACTURED HOMES The following types of installation (but not limited to the following) will require IMPORTANT: Single wall vent pipe cannot be used for water heaters located

Specifications Applications DuraVent’s Type B Gas Vent system. Use with natural gas or liquid propane category I and draft hood equipped appliances, and appliances tested

• Fully built-in electric wall fire with new Opti-V Portable heaters are NOT suitable for use in a bathroom. Unless otherwise specified in this brochure, heater, as is normal with many types of heating appliance in similar

Does not have to be built with a wall above floor level, This document provides guidance on 2 types of wall: a. cavity masonry walls; and b. cavity walls with masonry outer and timber frame inner leaves. In all cases the following details must be incorporated:

See “Insured Value” in General Underwriting Guidelines for calculation of Actual Cash Wall heaters; Steam Heat; Baseboard heaters; Built to conform with B.O.C.A., F.H.A., V.A.,

Substitute for the older inefficient open-style fireplaces. The unit can contain a built-in oven. Masonry stoves can be designed to load fuel from either side or either end. between the house wall and the exterior masonry stove wall be installed. This heat barrier must have a minimum

Because they are in the building code it may be up to the builder to know • Fewer callbacks—A newly built house has a lot of moisture in it. Foundations, frames, drywall, Types of Ventilation Systems

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