Ceiling Mounted Forced Air Heaters

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FORCED-AIR HEATERS The CUI cabinet heater offers a unique combination of quality, efficiency, reliability and flexibility. The attrac-tive cabinet design blends into any commercial decor. † Mounting Options: The cabinet heater can be mounted on the floor, wall or ceiling. It can also

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Forced Air Heaters – Heavy Duty CCI Thermal Technologies Inc. GX Forced Air Heaters – Heavy Duty – GX Application Caloritech™ GX forced air heater has been designed specifically for heavy duty use in industrial Horizontal Air Flow Ceiling Mount Figure 3 – Vertical Air Flow • mine

COMMERCIAL DOWNFLOW CEILING MOUNTED HEATERS APPLICATIONS Type FFCH ceiling-mounting fan-forced heaters are designed for ceiling-mounted type FFCH, Series 500 fan-forced air heater suitable for large area heating as manufactured by Berko, A Marley Engineered Products Brand,

Suspended, gas-fired unit heater was introduced. By destratifying you lower the air temperature at the ceiling, and reduce the heat loss in your building. Ceiling-mounted heaters Wash-down stainless steel heaters TECHNICAL DATA

• Wall or Ceiling Mounted Configurations • CSA Certified to US and charge louvers to direct air flow, and can be wall or ceiling (plus swivel) mounted, the HVH Hazardous Atmosphere — Unit heaters should not be used in potentially explosive

Radiant tube heating can be used in combination with forced air heaters or it can be the sole source of heat in a Intake air for radiant tube heaters in chicken houses is normally drawn from outside Another concern with radiant tube heaters in dropped ceiling houses is the fact that the

Wall Heater Features Ceiling Heaters. Fan-forced or infrared bulb heat, and convenient combinations. The reliable design and Surface-mount Fan Forced Air Model 154 & 157 Broan Heaters—Kickspace and Ceiling. 9 Bulb Heater/Fan Features

Other Forced-Air Heaters • Cabinet unit heaters range from 2,000 to 24,000 watts. Units may be mounted on . the floor, wall or ceiling, and can be recessed for wall or ceiling applications. Full line of optional features are available.

In the farm shop FARM ENERGY Proper including forced-air furnaces, infrared heaters, and in-floor heat. The most frequently used fuels are propane, wood, fuel oil, or waste oil. Ceiling-mounted, forced-air space heaters work well, because the furnace blast helps keep hot air from stagnating

-2-INSTALLATION The heaters may be mounted at any convenient height above floor. The minimum spacings, shown in Figure 4, should be main-tained to adjacent walls and ceiling.

FORCED-AIR HEATERS The 924 Series unit heater is an economical • Compact Design: Ideal for primary or spot heating applications. Units can be wall or ceiling-mounted for horizontal airflow. • Versatility: Three different heater KW ratings can

Contractor shall supply and install heavy duty ceiling mounted forced air electric heater(s) of the wattage, Heaters shall be recessed type and mounted flush with the finished : TA1S Thermostat / Transformer / Disconnect Switch: 343 TA1:

ELECTRIC HEATING PRODUCTS 1 BRASCH Architectural Forced Air WALL Heaters Decorator Designed for Functional Beauty and Versatility Rugged Grille:Heavy dark brown 18 gauge steel grille.

Caloritech™ GE fan-forced heater is designed for use Forced Air Heaters Heavy Duty GX). Also available are specially equipped 5 kW barn heaters which have been approved by Manitoba Hydro for use in Wall Mount Ceiling Mount.

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