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• Air-conditioning Room A/C 36% Central Plants 22.5% Duct/Package 13% • Falling prices of air conditioners 0.038 HFL By volume in air (%) 9.5 By mass (kg/m3 of air) 0.177 Auto ignition temperature (oC) 470 HC-290 :Flammability

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Rheem air handler or Rheem indoor coil with a Rheem gas 038 = 36,000 BTU/HR [10.55 kW] 049 = 48,000 BTU/HR [14.07 kW] 061 = 60,000 BTU/HR [17.6 kW] J EC RHEEM REMOTE Rheem Heating, Cooling & Water Heating † P.O. Box 17010

Efficient central air conditioner you can buy.* HSX19 024 036 038 048 060 SEER Up to 17.6 HVAC (Heating/Ventilating/Air Conditioning) company to be named an EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) ENERGY STAR

• Heating/Air-conditioning. • Windows/Doors. • Insulating/Weatherizing. Questions about billing? Call: • 608-252-7222. • 800-245-1125. appliance energy costs operating costs for major household appliances. taking Air-Conditioning Central air conditioner – Estimated seasonal

Electric appliance tables: Air Conditioning.. 8 Home Comfort Air Conditioning Central air conditioner – Estimated seasonal cost Size • Heating/Air-conditioning. • Windows/Doors. • Insulating/Weatherizing.

Cost of central heating and fireplaces in every room, including the bedrooms, Below Trade Prices! • Circulating fans of warm air heating or air conditioning systems (these may not be gas) • Ceiling paddle fans

The smartest way to heat and cool your RELIABLE: ®The Premium Q will meet all your needs for heating, central air conditioning and on demand hot water production for HEATING COP D UAL C APACITY 038 High 18.5 4.0 19.6 4.6 Part 23.7 4.5 27.8 5.0 049

Residential Electric Prices (Effective March 1, 2009) This optional service is available to customers with central air conditioning heating and other loads subject to Xcel Energy’s approval that can be served by

BR120 © Bryant, Inc. 2004 Rev.: 03/30/06D 038 Full 40,100 21.4 35,900 4.5 37,300 16.7 27,000 3.8 † Flexibility: You get heating, central air conditioning, and domestic hot water three important benefi ts from a single compact unit.

NH 030-038 VT 050-059 MA 010-027 RI 028-029 CT 060-069 New England NY 100-149 NJ 070-089 Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration News Ceramic Industry Engineered Systems PM Engineer Prices subject to change without notice

air conditioning, warm air heating and ventilation contractors, those NH 030-038 VT 050-059 MA 010-027 RI 028-029 CT 060-069 New England NY 100-149 NJ 070-089 PA 150-196 Middle Atlantic OH 430-458 IN 460-479 IL 600-629 MI 480-499 WI 530-549 East North Central MN 550-567 IA 500-528 MO 630

15-04-038 Increase in Tuition Rate Per Credit Hour for FY16 2-4 5-7 8-10 11-19 20-22 23-25 Subject: Award of Contract, Resource Center Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning rising gas prices,

Selling and integrating air conditioning systems, energy conservation, Central Energy Plant Optimization PerforManCe daTa and PriCes Model hP rPM sTaTiC Pressure/CfM Price each Wd-320 daMPer Wall MounT Collar MoTor side

Built-in ovens, ranges, dishwashers, and central air conditioning units, etc. contained some itemization, F.A.C., TAA 93A-038, TIP 01A-029 ). Standard Industry Guide Construction/ Real Property 049 Sales Tax — Maintenance Heating Ventilation TAA 97A – 051 Sales Tax — Aircraft

Kitchen or bathroom sinks, furnaces, central air conditioning units, elevators or Furnish and install tangible personal property that becomes a part of or is directly wired or plumbed into the central heating system, central air conditioning system See Rule 12A-1.038,

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