Coleman Electric Furnace Vs Propane

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Revolv™ DGAA Series Gas Furnaces Key Features A Air conditioner ready DGAA models have blowers capable of handling up to 4 tons of air conditioning

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SEALED COMBUSTION DOWNFLOW GAS FURNACE MODELS: DGAA, DGAH, DGPA, AND DGPH For Installation In: 1, Manufactured (Mobile) Homes 2. RecreationaIVehicles & Park Models

Cost savings: Wood pellets vs. oil & propane $180 $190 $200 $210 $220 $230 $240 $250 $260 $270 $280 Propane = 91,500 BTU/gallon, Premium wood pellets = 8,000 BTU/pound. © EcoHeat Solutions LLC Propane $/Gallon #2 Heating Oil $/Gallon Legend Pellet savings: 60% + 50-59% 40-49% 1-39% Premium

SEALED COMBUSTION DOWNFLOW GAS FURNACES MODELS: DGAA SERIES DGAH SERIES TECHNICAL GUIDE TECHNICAL GUIDE DESCRIPTION The DG Series gas furnace is actually two systems in one. As a powerful air handler, it can handle up to 4 tons of cooling. • Conversion to propane gas is fast and easy.

When it’s time to replace your furnace, you will be faced with many confusing questions and no clear answers. Contractors will be happy to give you options to propane and oil furnaces. TYPES OF FORCED AIR FURNACES Standard Efficiency Furnace

Only Natural gas or Propane (LP) gas are approved for use with Gas Furnace FIGURE 8: Combustible Floor Base Accessory FIGURE 9: Horizontal Application electric heat on thermostat is not necessary 24VAC Humidifier (Optional) C

Huge variation in electric consumption among furnaces,ranging from less than 100 kWh per year to well over 1,000 consumption;the average ECM furnace in our study used about 0.5 kWh of electricity per therm of gas consumed, which is about half what we measured

furnace, show the user how to tu rn off gas and electricity to Use only propane (LP) gas in fu rnaces designed for propan e (LP) gas. Allow a minimum clearance of 4 feet from electric meters, gas meters, regulators,

Page 1 01/11 506475−01 2010 Lennox Industries Inc. Dallas, Texas, USA AIR FLOW DOWNFLOW INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS ML193DF MERIT® SERIES GAS FURNACE

Natural gas to Propane be completed prior to making final gas connections. Tools and Parts furnace must be isolated from the gas supply piping system by closing the manual gas shutoff valve. Check the Furnace Input Rate (if required)

The Figures below list three of the most commonly found Coleman/RV Products Wall Mounted If the heating system includes a gas fired furnace the thermostat white wire will energize the. When Electric Heat is chosen at the thermostat you should be able to read 12VDC between terminals W and B.

furnace controls wiring and configuration. created date: 8/15/2006 2:01:04 pm

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