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Updated: 09/08/2015 Brand Model Number Furnace (ENERGY STAR qualified and AFUE > 92%) for CA Residential Rebates and CA Commercial

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PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS Gas Furnace: G8MVL 441 71 2121 03 Specifications subject to change without notice. 3 PHYSICAL DATA NATURAL GAS 0701412A 0901716A 1102120A 1352422A

HVAC FORMULAS CFM = _____BTU/Hr / ( 1.08 x Temperature Difference) TON OF REFRIGERATION A 100,000 BTU/hr. oil or gas furnace (100,000 / 3413 = 29.3 KW) COULOMB = 6.24 X 1018 (1 Coulomb = 1 Amp) NATURAL GAS COMBUSTION: Excess Air = 50%

RUUD Achiever ® SerieS GAS FURNACES Super Quiet 80 ™ Upflow/Horizontal with ECM® X-13 Motor Quality That Endures There are some things in life you can always

Conversion Instructions—LP Gas to Natural Gas. 27. Disconnect burner supply tube, pilot tube and thermocouple from the thermostat and remove the entire burner assembly by rotating

70 received from industry stakeholders regarding commercial furnace eligibility. Furnaces intended for commercial installation and/or with a rating of 225,000 For gas furnaces,

Commercial & Industrial Natural Gas Equipment Rebates 1-800-232-0120 2015 High-Efficiency Natural Gas Equipment Rebates HEATING EQUIPMENT FURNACE RATING REBATE Up to 150 MBH 95% AFUE* or greater & ECM motor $300 Up to 150

York Commercial Equipment includes packaged and split-system rooftop systems from 2 to 66-ton, Commercial Gas Furnace (GY8S-E) GY8S160E30UH21 160 130 78.0 43-1/2 32-1/4 28-1/2 31 x 19-1/4 250 4 16 x 25 / (2) 16 x 29 3500 5, 6, 7-1/2.

Maximum inlet gas pressure 14˝ W.C. Commercial Gas Water Heater SPECIFICATIONS GPG models are available in both natural gas and propane (except for GPG 81 370 model which is natural only).To order propane,change the “N”to “P”in the model number.Example:


Auxiliary Gas Burners for Commercial and Industrial Incinerators I I I I B I I I Abstract The use of gas burners to supply auxiliary heat to com

CONSUMERS DIRECTORY OF CERTIFIED EFFICIENCY RATINGS FOR RESIDENTIAL HEATING AND WATER HEATING CHAPTER IV Commercial Gas, Oil, Assume you are intending to buy a new gas furnace and have calculated the Estimated Annual Operating Cost

A pilot commercial batch furnace was designed with allowance for the fact that The model gas furnace with traveling hearth (Fig. 1) con-sists of feed-through 1 and end 2 transportable sections, a roll-up door 3, and columns 4 connected by a mainslide 5

Manufacturing Ltd. Super Hot Mini-Gas MG-50-P-E Water Propane 85.9 10/12/2010 Furnace SOLAIA SL4100 Water Gas 85.1 4/14/2009 Boyertown Furnace Company ECR International Utica Boilers UB UB95-200M Water Gas 95 4/24/2006. ENERGY STAR Partner Brand Model Name Model Number Additional

Goodman® CommerCial ProduCts CataloG Goodman Manufacturing Company, L.P., reserves the right to discontinue or change at any time specifications or

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