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gas furnaces have been derived from U.S. Government standard tests. smell around furnace area for gas. Be Concord Subject to the limitations stated in this warranty, we warrant to the first buyer for use the residential heating, cooling or heat pump unit, when

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A95UH, A93UH, 95G1UH & 92G1UH Warm Air Gas Furnace Upflow/Horizontal Left and Right Air Discharge This is a safety alert symbol and should never be ignored. BEFORE LIGHTING the unit, smell all around the furnace area for gas. Be sure to smell next to the floor because

The EL280DF gas furnace is shipped ready for installation in the downflow position fueled by natural gas. A conver-sion kit (ordered separately) If you then smell gas, STOP! Immediately call your gas supplier from a neighbor’s phone. Follow the gas supplier’s instruc-

Page 4 of 39 Issue 1031 506526-01 A80UH & 80G1UH Gas Furnace The A80UH & 80G1UH gas furnace is shipped ready for installation in the upflow or horizontal right position (for

Venting & Draining Condensing Gas Furnaces Tech to Tech Column Nov. 07 “Make daily deposits to your box of knowledge, soon it will have many

Installation and servicing instructions and user's information manual **installer — affix this instruction packet adjacent to the furnace. **homeowner — retain these

80% GAS FURNACE INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS GAS FURNACE SAFETY Table of Contents GAS FURNACE SAFETY — WHAT TO DO IF YOU SMELL GAS • Do not try to light any appliance. • Do not touch any electrical switch; do not use any phone in your building.

Before operating, smell around the furnace area for gas. Be sure to smell next to the floor because some gas is heavier than air and will settle to the lowest point. A gas-fired furnace for installation in a residential garage must be installed as

GAS FURNACE AND HEATER TROUBLESHOOTING CHART Problem Possible Cause Solution Furnace won’t run 1. No power. 1. Check for blown fuses or tripped No gas. 5. Make sure gas valve to furnace is fully open. Not enough heat 1. Thermostat set too low. 1. Update Bulletin No. 804 Thank you for your interest in writing to me about how to do a simple gas furnace tune-up yourself. This should take about

Hydro flame TM Furnaces by Atwood@ LIGHTING INSTRUCTIONS ALL FURNACES 7900-11 8012-11 8500-IV minutes to clear out any gas. Then smell for gas, including near the floor. If you smell gas, The furnace must be installed in accordance with manufacturer's instructions,

TECHNICIAN TO INSTALL AN ATWOOD – hydro flame TM FURNACE. INSTALLER: LEAVE THIS MANUAL WITH THE APPLIANCE. CONSUMER: — WHAT TO DO IF YOU SMELL GAS • Evacuate all persons from vehicle. • Shut off gas supply at gas container or source.

If at any time you smell gas or suspect a gas leak, forming natural gas installation work on behalf of the customer are responsible The cold air return to a furnace shall not be from the same room in which .

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