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BIOMASS FURNACE DIAGRAM Biomass Heating Feasibility Guide “for the replacement of high-cost heating fuels, such as natural gas, propane, biomass – loose, baled, pellets Mode of operation: Partial and year-round Heat storage: None, walls, floors, and water Type of

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© 2004 Center for Sustainable Building Research, University of Minnesota 2 All rights reserved. Revised 06/30/2004 Criteria Summaries Cost: Furnace cost is primarily impacted by three things; size, measured in Btu/h output; efficiency,

Heating and cooling costs. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) greenhouse gas emissions as the average car? When power plants burn fossil fuels to make you can achieve significant cost savings on energy bills.

As well as total cost, new furnace or ECM (for motor replacements) make, Furnace Fan Motor Replacement New Furnace Installations: * Contact your gas provider to ask if they offer incentives for high efficiency furnaces.

Natural or propane gas** Garage Heaters EAs Y, innovATiv soLUTions For m king oUr g r g morE UsABLE And ComForTABLE © Lennox Industries Inc. 2014 LF24-45A 45,000 (13.2) 36,500 (10.7) 45 (7) 2 to 2-1/2 Car Garage 13 x 25 x 24 63

Assumptions Air Source Heat Pump Calc Life Cycle Cost Estimate for Enter your own values in the gray boxes or use our default values. Number of units

Q: Is a Pellet Furnace or Boiler right for me? A: While homeowners choose biomass heating for different reasons, it is safe to say that most share the desire to heat their homes more cost effectively while having a positive impact on the

The Final Frontier for Condensing Gas Furnaces Douglas Kosar Furnace Flue in MN DOAS Flues in MN Base AFUE/TE 80% Gas Cost 0.50 1,135.74 1,122.89 1,110.04 1,097.18 1,084.33 1,071.48 1,058.63 1,045.77 1,032.92 1,020.07 1,007.22 Update Bulletin No. 418 ©2004 James Dulley Jim Dulley Thank you for Fuel Cost Comparison Type Fuel Cost Efficiency Price per Useful Therm Est. Annual The “Charmaster II” is a wood/oil or gas combination furnace/fireplace. It has full brass-bound bi-fold doors with heat

System Type Natural Gas Furnace Check the condition of the furnace air filter. Recommend replacement if necessary. Check condition of fan motor(s) 4 The customer certifies that all heating system equipment being serviced is fueled by natural gas. 4 Rebate cannot exceed the cost of the

A thorough literature search for detailed evaluations of furnace replacement and boiler efficiency programs resulted in a very The cost and complexity in measuring Appendix A. Simplified Formulas for Calculating Savings from Upgrading the Efficiency of a Residential Gas Furnace or Participating Energy Saver Rebate Lender MHFA Fix-up Fund Loan # *Cost of labor and materials, *Number of installation hours. HEATING SYSTEM REPLACEMENT Natural Gas or Propane furnace AFUE >= 95, Oil furnace, gas, propane or oil hot water boiler AFUE >= 90.

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