Diesel Space Heater Burns

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FROM BURNS, FIRE, EXPLOSION, during the operation of the heater. However, #1 or #2 fuel oil (diesel fuel) may also be used if 1-K kerosene Example: A DFA-125 heater requires one of the following: • a two-car garage door raised six inches (15.24 cm)

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§279.20 40 CFR Ch. I (7–1–00 Edition) (b) Use as a dust suppressant. cept under the on-site space heater pro-visions of §279.23, must also comply with subpart G of this part. (4) The heater burns only used oil

space heating and domestic water heating zones. • Fuel efficient burner which burns all grades of diesel fuel, stove oil, furnace oil and kero- HURRICANE HEATER-+ out FLAME SENSOR BLACK WHITE/BLACK GREEN GREEN/BLACK ORANGE BLUE WHITE RED

PORTABLE FORCED AIR HEATERS KEROSENE/DIESEL HEATER WITH BUILT-IN THERMOSTAT OWNER’S MANUAL PCK110VT – ADJUSTABLE 80-110,000 BTU/HR PCK160VT – ADJUSTABLE 110-160,000 BTU/HR from burns, fire, explosion, electrical shock and carbon monoxide poisoning.

• Fuel efficient burner which burns all grades of diesel fuel, stove oil, furnace oil, and kerosene without any burner adjustments (not for use with gasoline) When combustion air is drawn from an unventilated heated space, the heater flame will become

Model #: HH-70-SS CONSUMER: Retain this manual for future reference. User’s Manual and Operating Instructions Ultra-Portable Oil-Fired Radiant Heater

The UH68ODH heater uses 110-volt power and burns all grades of diesel fuels including JP8 and features lov-voltage controls for safe use 60,000 BTU/H Powered Space Heater. HDt loal 000 rora oad Ste 00 Soo, H US P 006 / 000 aedtoaco uH68ODH 60,000 BTU/H Powered Space Heater

Indirect fuel fired air heater which burns JP8 and Diesel fuel. The heater contains a stainless steel dual Combustion D-1000B heater, the noise level when measured at a distance of 3 feet USE THIS SPACE TO DESCRIBE WHAT IS WRONG AND WHAT SHOULD BE DONE ABOUT IT:

The LCFH heater uses diesel engine power and burns all grades of diesel fuels, including JP8, from either its integral, large-capacity fuel tank or from an external fuel supply. 400,000 BTU/H Self-Powered Space Heater

Freezer 500 GE Space Heater 1000-1500 Run cleaner than a diesel generator and are comparatively lighter and burns. Every year, people die in incidents related to portable generator use. Most of the incidents

heated space. Even though this heater operates very close to 100 adults and children must observe clearances to avoid burns or clothing ignition. Do Not Touch. Keep children, Kerosene Forced Air Heater 7 Operating Instructions and Owner’s Manual

SpACE HEATER HEATSTAR BY ENERCO If the information in this manual is not followed exactly, oF BURNs! eNeRCo GRoUP, INC. Diesel burner model Riello 40 F10 Riello 40 F15 Nozzle [USgalll1]

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