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Direct Draft Propane Heater Operating and Installation Instruction Manual that an even air space is provided. gas valve on that appliance was left in the “on” position, gas would leak while

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43 Left Side C over K45-050000 K70-050000 K125-050000 K175-050000 K175-050000 44 Right Side Cover K45-060000 K45-060000 K125-060000 K175-060000 K175-060000 45 Fan Guard K45-130000 K45-130000 K125-130000 K125-130000 K125-130000

Wayne Select™ Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Dispenser Specially designed for DEF compatibility. 2. 3 • Thermostatically-controlled heater only runs as needed to limit operational costs. • Free-hanging hose allows plenty of space for hose accessories

HURRICANE HEATER CHAPTER 9 The main burner is diesel fired and has 2 – 2KW 120 Volt electric elements wrapped around the water stainless steel enclosure and are accessible from the top and left side of the heater when looking at it from the front.

Installation and Operating manual Certified to CSA and UL Standards . (ITR) Expedition space heater. The Expedition Heater is a vaporizing burner type space heater with a simple, can malfunction and all manufacturers recommend that heaters are not left

THE LATEST TECHNOLOGY IN A DIESEL HOT WATER air, exhaust, and water) off the top of the heater and the component box on the left side. The heater can also be ordered with bottom connections and or When combustion air is drawn from an unventilated heated space, the heater flame will

Installation Instructions Air Top 2000 ST Air Top Evo 3900 Air Top Evo 5500 Air Top 2000 ST D The installation dimensions and the space requirements for maintenance accessibility are shown in Figure 3. the diesel-driven heater units.

Never store fuel in the living space. 5. Operating Temperature Range Sulfur Diesel (ULSD)the heater should be serviced at least every two years because the distillation of Use only genuine TOYOSTOVE parts for you heater.

Ford Galaxy – Auxiliary Heater Information . Version: V3.01 The information here is based around Mk2 vehicles (2000>) Preamble: The 1.9 Diesel Engine in the Galaxy is highly efficient but as a result takes a long time to warm up

Operation with bio-diesel AIRTRONIC D2 space heating. This heater is uniquely designed for inside mounting and ease of installation. The AIRTRONIC D4 is a Right or Left Heater Flange Stainless Steel Mounting Plate and seal Combustion Air intake

Space Heater Parts, Inc. 2 19-242-8778 586 Keldon Court HEATER RUNNING UNATTENDED! HH-175T-KFA 70-002-0300 70-002-0105 70-007-0210 70-003-0200 70-006-0100 Left Side Cover Fan Guard Main PCB Assembly Fuse Clip Nut Upper Shell

Monoxide can build up in a heated space and failure to provide adequate ventilation could result in poisoning Threads are left-handed. (Figure 3.) NOTE: Heater features a hand wheel that can be used to tighten the fitting to the cylinder. No wrench required.

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