Direct Vent Furnace Duct

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The gas vent sizing tables are not applicable to outside (exposed) VENT CONNECTOR is the pipe or duct that connects a fuel gas-burning appliance to a vent or chimney. Furnace Vent Connector Use Vent Connector Table 4A.

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HVAC Code Requirements Q: combustion air in this chapter do not apply to direct vent appliances, listed and labeled cooking appliances, refrigerators, Furnace Water heater Inlet air duct (ends 1 foot above floor) Figure 2003.3a

Gas-Fired, Direct Vent, Variable Speed Inducer, Connect duct work to furnace. See Outline Drawing Direct Vent, Variable Speed Inducer, 3-Stage Condensing Communicating Furnaces Models AUH3, TUH3, ADH3, TDH3 Author: tyafs Created Date:

furnace casing. Duct system must run to an area outside furnace room or closet. Seal duct work wherever it runs through walls, CONFINED SPACE INSTALLATION (non-direct vent) A non-direct vented furnace installed in a confined space

direct vent gas water heater models sw6d • sw6de • sw6dm • sw6dem for installation in recreational vehicles and mobile housing for your safety what to do if you smell gas! do not try to light any appliance.!

18 • 100% sealed combustion water heater for direct vent applications • Factory-packaged system with excellent safety features • Factory prewired for ease of installation

M1801.6 Direct-vent appliances. ported for the weight of the material used. M1801.8 Duct penetrations. Chimneys, vents and vent con-nectors shall not extend into or through supply and return air ducts or plenums. sageway venting another appliance. SECTION M1802 VENT COMPONENTS M1802.1

#932 DIRECT VENT WALL-FURNACE #936 DIRECT VENT WALL- FURNACE U.S. Patents: #5.931.154 #6.004.493 IMPORTANT: especially around the intake duct. Model #936 only: Pilot shield not installed or not Install pilot shield or re-position. in proper position. . Page 26

A95/A93/95G1/92G1UH Gas Furnace .. 4 Shipping and Packing Do not connect duct directly to the furnace. Size the temporary duct following the instructions in section for Category IV gas furnace. In Direct Vent applications,

The Ravelle™ direct-vent gas fireplaces balance elegant design, premium-quality construction, and two heating capacities for unmatched flexibility.

Media Release For Immediate Release Furnace failure or a blocked vent Heavy snow can mean problems for your furnace Every winter after a large snowfall, Green$aver gets calls from people seeking advice about new furnaces.

duct, or direct opening. 2. when installing this furnace as a direct vent furnace and the Direct Vent Installation An inlet air restrictor plate (see Figure 1 on page 5) is supplied with this furnace and can be found in the plastic bag containing

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