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DIRECT VENT INSTALLATION NON−DIRECT VENT INSTALLATION EXHAUST OUTLET ML193DF COMBUSTION cleaned following final construction clean−up. • All furnace operating conditions (including 1 − Refer to reverse−flow coil installation instructions for correctly sized opening in floor and

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WARNING: This direct-vent furnace is approved for aftermarket mobile home installations To set up our furnace assembly procedures, air into the vent, or free flow of flue gases from it.

Condensing, Direct Vent Gas-Fired Furnace PUB. NO. 22-1859-01 XT 95 TUH1B040A9H21A, TUH1B060A9H31A, TUH1B080A9H31A, TUH1C100A9H41A, TUH1D120A9H51A heat up • Accessory hook-up capability – Hum and EAC • Quiet induced draft blower

G43 Gas Furnace Up to 92.1% AFUE G43 Direct/Non-direct vent ENERGY STAR®-qualified Durable, high-quality design for long-lasting performance Up-flow configuration Merit® Series G43 Gas Furnace ECONOMICAL, HIGH-EFFICIENCY GAS HEATING G43 Up to 92.1% AFUE Innovation never felt so good.

Listed direct vent (sealed combustion), downflow heating appliances for manufactured Route the return line up through the furnace base to the return port of the pump. which might restrict oil flow. 3/8" Oil Supply Line Oil Furnace Vent with ca 2" Duplex Top of Tank Shut-off Valve Cordset

Direct Vent Water Heater combustion air flow to the water heater. The drain pan, as described above, can be purchased from your plumbing professional. should pop back up. Pilot should remain lit. If it goes out, repeat steps 3 through 9.

Condensing, Direct Vent Gas-Fired Furnace XR 90 TUX040,060,080,100,120C TDX040,060,080,100,120C heat up • Accessory hook-up capability Sidewall Vent Termination Kit

RESIDENTIAL GAS FURNACE MODELS: TG9S*MP, GG9S*MP (95.5% AFUE Single Stage Multi-position) This Category IV, dual certified direct vent furnace is designed for resi- surement of gas flow. 4.

Gas-Fired, Direct Vent, 2-Stage Condensing installed within the furnace blower compartment for UP-FLOW furnaces in either a BOTTOM or SIDE (left side or right side) return air inlet. from a condensing Furnace. Proper installation of the vent

Direct-Vent and Vented Counterflow Wall Furnaces Vent Tube Extension Kit (Fits wall up to 19") * * N/A N/A Minimum Clearances to Combustibles from: Top (To Ceiling) 4" 4" 4" 7 1/ 2" Each Side (To Nearest Adjacent Sidewall) 4" 4" without Register 4" without Register 4" without Register

Direct Vent furnaces are approved for installation in variation would be slightly to the left and/or forward in up-flow installations or slightly toward the front in horizontal in- HORIZONTAL FURNACE GAS PIPING MAY BE FROM EITHER SIDE (UPFLOW SHOWN)

Of the flue-gases to set up a good flow before encountering resistance. Category I furnace vent systems are designed using the Except for direct vent appliances,

Condensing, Direct Vent Gas-Fired Furnace TUH1B060A9361A, TUH1B080A9421A, TUH1C080A9601A, TUH1C100A9481A, TUH1D100A9601A, TUH1D120A9601A, TDH1B040A9241A, TDH1B065A9421A, TDH1C085A9481A, heat up † Accessory hook-up capability

M3RL Series 90+ Downflow Condensing Furnace Direct Vent (Sealed Combustion) make certain the gas furnace has been correctly set up and converted to the proper fuel (L.P. gas the cubic feet per hour of gas flow required by the furnace.

Williams' high-efficiency direct-vent Unique wall-mount design frees up floor space Small, low-profile vent size space left around the vent hole when replacing a furnace with a larger vent opening. It can also be used to extend the flue

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