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COLLECTION GAS FURNACE DOWNFLOW AIR DISCHARGE 506710−01 06/2011 Supersedes 01/2011 Downflow Installation Downflow unit installs in three ways: on non−combustible ry limit switch and make−up box then disconnect them.

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90 HIGH EFFICIENCY DOWNFLOW/ HORIZONTAL GAS FURNACES on/off blower control; limit controls; manual shut-off valve; 100% safety lock out; DOWNFLOW/HORIZONTAL GAS FURNACE. Rheem Heating, Cooling and Water Heating 3 MODEL IDENTIFICATION

92% downflow natural gas furnaces manufactured housing limit (inducer) s1-02538737000 s1-02538737000 s1-02538737000 1,2 5 limit 1 7 control, furnace module s1-03109166000 s1-03109166000 s1-03109166000 * 8 switch, rocker s1-7681-3301 s1-7681-3301 s1-7681-3301 1,3 9 igniter s1-02532625000

Downflow/Horizontal Right or Downflow/Horizontal Left 2-Stage, Variable Speed Gas-Fired Furnace XV 80 TDD060,080, 100,120R9V Two-Stage Fan Assisted Combustion System

DOWNFLOW/UPFLOW ELECTRIC FURNACE MODELS: EB INSTALLATION MANUAL ISO 9001 Certified Quality Management System ing and may cause the furnace to cycle on the limit. DUCT SYSTEM DESIGN Electric furnace is designed to operate at a given static pressure.

Upflow/ Horizontal Downflow/Horizontal Condensing, Direct Vent Gas-Fired Furnace PUB. NO. 12-1329-03 AUH2B060A936VA, AUH2B080A942VA,

Gram provides total control of furnace limit sensors, blowers, gas valve, CleanEffects™, Whole House Upgrade Kit (Downflow 21" Wide Gas Furnace)..TFD21DALUPGRDA [ ] CleanEffects™, Whole TUH2C100A9V4VA Upflow / Horizontal 65,000 61,750 100,000 95,000 95 35 – 65 DIRECT 10 x 10 1

80+ DOWNFLOW FURNACE MODELS MODEL NUMBER HEATING MOTOR MOTOR *RK INPUT SPEED HP † Can be C or N. HIGH* 060(†)-12A the furnace, and replace the limit switch. DESCRIPTION OF COMPONENTS Figure 29 shows the location of each of the functional components described below.

Upflow / Downflow Condensing Gas Furnace "GMN" Series (PATENT PENDING) downflow. Construction • Heavy gauge, reinforced, wrap-around insulated, Limit Switch "GMN" SERIES GAS FURNACE. Title: ss-188.pmd Author: cmitch Created Date:

The high efficiency downflow gas furnace is especially designed for Modular Housing. It may be installed in a utility room, Main Air Limit Switch 24V Transformer M7RL B Cabinet Shown Shipping Weights *May include suffix – T Furnace Model Shipping Weight (lbs)

CMF Series Downflow Furnace – CMF80 Convertible and CMF100 1Use 621435 Capacitor 2Use 621433 ITEM PART ITEM PART Fan & Limit 39 728483 Replacement Door Seal 17 631670 Grommet (Not Shown) 18 244580R Right Panel Assembly 40 688982 Gasket, Burner

Upflow/Downflow Horizontal Right or Left Gas-Fired Furnace Silver 80h High Efficiency AUD1A040A9H21B, AUD1A040G9H21A AUD1B060A9H31B, AUD1B060G9H31A

State time on/off blower control; limit controls; manual shut-off valve; 100% safety lock out; cool fan off delay; Furnace Downflow/ Horizontal Condensing Gas Furnace Design Series Heating Input Designation Variations A = Std. B = Wide Cabinet Blower Size M = 11 x 7

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