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BBOILEROILER A ACCESSORIESCCESSORIES This will simplify your wiring and make zoning applications much easier. In addition, enhanced communicating

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09/23/2008 BI307 Electric Mini-Boiler™ Installation & Operating Instructions EMB-S-1 120-volt, 1-stage – 1.125 kW 3,841 Btu/h EMB-S-2 120-volt, 1-stage – 2.5 kW 8,535 Btu/h

D ˇ ˘ ˆ Raˆ Raˆ W ˆ H ˆ D ˆ W ˆ P˘ ˙ ˆ C W Bˆ˙'ˇ ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) Fusion Standard Boiler – Single Phase 6 20478 425 700 285 25 EHCFUS6kW

11.3 Installation C shows a Thermolec electric boiler in a Dual-Energy-Parallel Configuration. Water is forced only through the selected heat source by means of a motorized valve. 12 Position and electric values of heating elements

3 1.0 DESCRIPTION The AMPTEC electric flow boiler is designed to heat re-circulated water used in wet central heating systems. The water is heated when it is passed over electric immersion elements, which are contained in a chamber.

Page 1 Installation Guidelines for Thermolec Electric Boilers Model B 1 Important 1.1 These instructions should be used as a general guide only.

Electric boilers have no wasted fuel going out the stack as associated with fossil fuels; therefore, electric steam boiler with all stainless piping, a stainless return / feedwater tank, a blowdown tank, and a stainless system pump.

Boiler System Effi ciency By Thomas H. Durkin, P.E., Member ASHRAE (80°F [27°C] boiler EWT) would be very effi cient. Operating a condensing boiler boiler heat (at Indiana electric rates), is available year-round.

Restore electric service to boiler. 17. Fire burner to raise water temperature to above C. Water Boilers Since a water boiler is a closed system, no draining/refilling should be necessary. D. Note any time raw water is introduced into the

Expansion Vessel BALANCING VESSEL Auto top-up system EXPRESSO 17 models from 90kW to 630kW, & up to 980kW by special order For closed heating systems, maximum

“AT” SERIES ELECTRIC BOILERS COMMERCIAL / RESIDENTIAL Control Board – 4 Element Boiler RTD Sensor Neutral Terminal Block Power to Elements Power to Control Board

HOUSEHOLD USE ONLY CSA CERTIFIED TO UL STANDARD 1083 ELECTRIC FRYER, BOILER AND STEAMER Masterbuilt Manufacturing, Inc. 450 Brown Avenue, Columbus,GA 31906

THERMOLEC ELECTRIC BOILERS thermolec.com ECCO is proud to be a member of: ASHRAE American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers, Inc.

Ideal for new boiler applications or to RETROFIT existing installations, † Integral Electric Control Panel with Key-Locked Door (˚F) = LPH x ΔT (˚C) 410 862 KW = GPM x ΔT (°F) x .146 10KW = 1.02 BHP = 34 Lbs Steam/H = 34,120 BTU/H GPH = KW x 410 Amps (3 phase) = KW x 1000

Boiler control Monitor outside air temperature to control boiler Setpoint Watlow Winona 1 JEB 9/2/05 1241 Bundy Blvd Winona, MN 55987 Telephone (507) 494-5656

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