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Seattle City Light is offering a $1,200 rebate to qualifying can be a good replacement for existing ducted electric furnaces. A ductless heat pump system consists of one unit per room or area, and a compressor unit outside.

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king-electric.com King Electrical Manufacturing Company / 11 10th Avenue South Seattle WA 10 / phone 20.2.000 / fa 20.. Series

HEATING AND COOLING EQUIPMENT AND APPLIANCES SECTION M1401 GENERAL Electric furnaces shall conform to UL 1995. 14_Seattle_Res_2012.fm Page 489 Monday, September 9, 2013 12:33 PM. HEATING AND COOLING EQUIPMENT AND APPLIANCES

CHAPTER 14 HEATING AND COOLING EQUIPMENT SECTION M1401 GENERAL ANSI/UL 727. Electric furnaces shall conform to UL 1995. M1402.2 Clearances. Clearances shall be provided in accor- 2009 SEATTLE RESIDENTIAL CODE 483 1 M:

furnaces ($2,081/year) but more expensive than oil and gas furnaces ($1,61/year and $1,1l8/year respectively). Despite the higher costs for the heat pump compared to gas Seattle Electric Heat Pump Performance 5:00 pm-1:00 am HSPF = 6.52

Recycling of Electric Arc Furnace Dust: Jorgensen Steel Facility Risk Reduction Engineering Laboratory Cincinnati, steel in electric furnaces,” 40 CFR 261.32) by recycling Electric Arc Fur-nace (EAF) dust and converting it into usable products.

Code HVAC Requirements Gary Nordeen Luke Howard All Electric < $40/month. Ducts in Dropped Ceiling in Hall. After Drywall. Air Handler Inside Supply Register In Wall. Dropped Soffit with Duct in Bathroom. Vancouver Demonstration Duct Between Floors.

In electric furnaces should aimost never need replacing. In a properly operated electric furnace, rebuilding con- sists almost exclusively of replacing the glass tank itself. In Seattle, with today's electric rate of 51/2 cents per

ELECTRIC FURNACE KFS KFS-Series electric furnaces, manufactured by King Electrical Mfg. Company. Furnaces shall be KING ELECTRICAL MFG. CO. • 9131 10TH AVENUE SOUTH • SEATTLE, WA 98108 • TEL: 206.762.0400 • FAX: 206.763.7738 97

Involves lime and silicate fluxes and the formation of steel slag. Steel furnaces, particularly electric arc furnaces (EAF), also may be fed with scrap iron and steel, Seattle, WA Nucor Steel Corp. X Holcim (US) Inc. Gary, IN U.S. Steel LLC X

2003 INTERNATIONAL RESIDENTIAL CODE 297 CHAPTER 14 HEATING AND COOLING EQUIPMENT SECTION M1401 GENERAL M1401.1Installation.Heatingandcoolingequipmentandap- Electric furnaces shall conform to UL 1995. M1402.2 Clearances.Clearances shall be provided in accor-

OIL-FIRED FURNACES More Heat, Less Fuel for Comfort and Economy. Available in Four Different Models to Fit Every Heating Need. permanently gas tight,. with a pyro-ceramic combustion chamber. Hot combustion gases pass through these circular passage ways to

Schneider Homes worked with the U.S. Department of Energy’s Because the 37 homes were built near Seattle’s major airport the gas furnaces, rated at 92.5 AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency), were placed in conditioned closets within the garage.

MESH BELT FURNACES FOR HEAT TREATMENT OF MASS PRODUCED COMPONENTS . reduces gas consumption and increases gas velocity which helps drive lubricant and water Seattle, WA 98103 United States of America Phone: +1-206-788-0188

Dryers and furnaces operating at approximately atmospheric Gas Code, International Mechanical Code and this chapter. 2009 SEATTLE FIRE CODE 229 2102.1.1 Point of Information ((Note:))Suchflammablevolatilesorcombustiblematerials

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