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2015 Residential Incentives: Geothermal Heat Pump Equipment. PLEASE complete ALL sections and sign form to ensure proper and prompt payment of rebate. HEAT PLUS RATE . Use Electric Heating Equipment Rate form (R1) for existing equipment rate change.

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Air-Source Heat Pump Water Heater Unlike electric resistance water heaters, it is often better to purchase a larger capacity heat pump water heater. This allows the heat pump to efficiently heat a large volume of water over a long period of

Ductless Heat Pumps BPA Brown Bag Presentation By Jeffrey R. Pratt, Inc. on behalf of the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance. Consultant Heat Pump Electric Resistance Electric Furnace Gas Furnace Heating System Operating Cost Comparison. Typical DHP Installation Costs:

ELECTRIC HEAT SECTIONS electric heat. Heat Pump Units: A W1 thermostat demand will energize both compressors in heating mode (reversing valves are not energized). A W2 thermostat demand will energize the first stage of

How To Get The Most Efficiency From Your Heat Pump Being a service technician for many years and someone who cares When it is unable to keep up with the demand for heat, the heat pump will energize these electric heat strips in what is called auxiliary heat.

Geothermal heat pumps for homes The information in this fact sheet is specific to single-family homes in Wisconsin – it doesn’t apply to other

Installation, operation, and maintenance manual for . hybrid electric heat pump . water heater . electric heater company . base model “ pbx ” 2012

1 . Air Source Heat Pump Efficiency Gains from Low Ambient Temperature Operation Using Supplemental Electric Heating . Final Study Report. June 2011

Electric Resistance Heat This source of heat is common where heat loads are low, electric prices are low, or other sources of fuel are not available.

Heat Pump Conversion from existing Forced Air Electric Furnace to New Heat Pump: $1,400 (New and existing site built homes; Existing manufactured homes) Heat Pump Upgrade from existing Heat Pump OR adding Heat Pump to a

Cold Climate Air Source Heat Pumps Results from Testing at the Canadian Centre for Housing Technology Jeremy Sager, Housing Team, HBC

Turns Heat Pump heating on when temperature drops below set point. If room temperature drops another outdoor fan off and provides heat from electric strips only. provide better humidity control in the summer. 11.

Both heat pumps and conventional air conditioning systems are typically split systems, with the There are several ways to distinguish a heat pump from an electric furnace. The first is the thermostat. Heat

3 Figure 2: Sample Wiring Schematic for Electric Heat Lockout on Heat Pumps If the heat pump is not maintaining a comfortable temperature when the outside air temperature

By using a heat pump instead of an equivalent electric heater, of heat pumps, the more stars the better the energy efficiency. location of the heat pump, the heat from a single unit may flow through to other areas.

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