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Heat-Shrink Rubber Tubing 3 Main Applications ST Series Heat protection for heaters & sensors in semiconductor devices Heat protection for wiring in copiers

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1 Shrink Ratio RoHS Compliant Lead-Free Halogen-Free TYPICAL FEATURES 1) SUMITUBE O2C is a flexible, clear heat shrinkable polyolefin tubing with a modified polyamide adhesive inner SUMITOMO ELECTRIC INTERCONNECT PRODUCTS INC.

If you need the dry heat produced by advanced electric heating elements consider our in-line electric shrink tunnel. Electric shrink tunnels feature 48 panels to precisely control shrinking on your production line. External controls are easy to operate and are

SRK02 Hard Wire Power Connection Kit DESCRIPTION: SR self-regulating heating cables are designed for a variety of pipe freezeBlack heat shrink tube (1/2” dia. x 1” length) protection as well as roof

Heat Shrink Page <1> 13/09/11 V1.1 element14.com farnell.com newark.com cpc.co.uk Features: • Flexible, flame retarded Electric Strength IEC 243 20 KV / mm min. Corrosion (Copper Contact and Copper Mirror) ASTM D2671 No corrosion

Heat Shrink Tubing 3:1 Shrink Ratio Page <1> 04/04/12 V1.1 element14.com Heat Shock ASTM D2671 (4 hours at 250°C) No (Except Clear) ASTM D876 pass Electric Strength IEC 243 20 KV / mm (min.) Corrosion (Copper Contact and Copper Mirror) ASTM D2671 no corrosion Water Absorption ISO 62

HEAT SHRINKABLE TUBING SHRINK RATIO 3:1 Features/Applications external layer is made from semi-conductive materials to provide electric shielding. The tubing is manufactured with technology very suitable for applications in power cable joints up to 36kV.

Annual output and sale of heat shrink tubing ranked first in 2003, 2004 and 2005, which is identified as a Chinese enterprise new record by Spectrometer, atomic absorption spectrometer, electric heatin two—rod rubber mixing machine, electron tensile testing machine,

With convenient, clearly-marked “Made in USA” packaging, 3M Heat Shrink Tubing will meet your commercial needs while supporting American-made products.

2526 North Stallings Drive Nacogdoches, TX 75964-1240 Phone: 936-569-1184 Fax: 936-569-1836 MH14516RSX Heat Shrink Term Vendor.

LS TUBE Heat Shrink Technology LS Tube, a division of LS Cable, covers a complete range of heat-shrinkable tubing products, all of which are developed to meet industry

Solid Engineering At An Affordable Price Electric Heat Tunnel for Shrink Labels NAFM, LLC nafm.com p: 714-974-9006 e: info@nafm.com Join our community. Technical Specifications Power Motor Machine Dimension Tunnel Dimension Temperature

Heat Guns for Shrink-Wrapping Heat guns for applying heat to shrink wrap are available in both propane fired and electric models. Propane fired guns are the most common.

HEAT TOOLS FOR INDUSTRY North America PRODUCT CATALOG • Master Heat Guns • Plastic Welding Kit • Continuous Duty Process Heat • Butane Powered Soldering Connector Kits • Heat Shrink Tubing Kits • Crimp Tools • Heat Activated Materials.

Cortec’s state-of-the-art VpCI®-126 HP UV Shrink film provides unstoppable multi-metal protection. • Will shrink using a wide variety of shrink tools including electric and propane heat guns

• Heat Diffusers enable a 360 degree even hot air flow to shrink the Clean Seal Capsules. • Can be installed on heat guns that have a 1½” (38mm) or 2” (50mm) OD connection on the

Heat Shrink Page <1> 13/09/11 V1.1 element14.com farnell.com newark.com cpc.co.uk Features: • Flexible, flame retarded Electric Strength IEC 243 20 KV / mm min. Corrosion (Copper Contact and Copper Mirror) ASTM D2671 No corrosion

1.800.778.WARM(9276) nuheat.com Heat sHrink power connection kit Nuheat Weather-Ready ™ Heat Shrink Kits For Weather-Ready ™ Heat Trace Cables

Heat Shrinkable End Caps . Product Data Sheet . Characteristics This data sheet covers heat shrinkable end caps whose dimensions will shrink to a predetermined size

SumiMark® SM3-12 heat shrink tubing is a markable prod-uct, manufactured to the highest quality standards. SumiMark® SM3-12 tubing product meets all requirements of SAE AMS-DTL-23053/5, ©2014 Sumitomo Electric Interconnect Products, Inc.

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