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FC Electric In-Floor Heating Cable Features No EMF, twin conductor Provides everything needed for easy installation Pre-sized kits range from 5 to 320 square feet

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Floor Heat Systems, Inc. Installation Manual: InfraFloor™ Cable Page 2 Congratulations on your purchase of one of the most advanced electric heating systems available today!


Nuheat Cable Installation Manual Nuheat Electric Floor Heating Systems Includes installation guidelines for installing the Nuheat Cable Floor Heating System under tile,

electric heating cable. 6. Starting the system. • Pentair Thermal Management recommends that the system be tested per the “Cable testing and maintenance” section below. • Plug the heating cable into a 120 V ground-fault protected outlet.

King Electrical Manufacturing Company / 9131 10th Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98108 / phone 206.762.0400 / fax 206.763.7738 / king-electric.com

Electric Heat Tracing Circuit Layout on Support Illustration D: Pipe Elbow Heating Cable Illustration E: Pipe Support Illustration F: Pipe Flange Attachment Tape

INSTALLATION Warnings! While there are many acceptable ways of installing Easy Heat electric heating equipment, certain actions can be dangerous to personnel and your installations.

General Rules: The heating cable must be evenly distributed. The relationship between supply voltage, linear resistance, cable length, and center spacing are important.As they need to be understood in order to give the right operating

ELECTRIC HEATING CABLE SYSTEM FOR WATER PIPES PART 1 GENERAL 1.01 RELATED WORK SPECIFIED ELSEWHERE A. HVAC Piping: 5. Fiberglass Tape: Nelson Electric’s Hevi-Duty GT-6, Raychem Corp.’s GT-66, or Thermon Mfg. Corp.’s PF-1. 6.

General Rules: The heating cable must be evenly distributed. The relationship between supply voltage, linear resistance, cable length, and center spacing are important.

Pipe and Roof Deicing Heating Cable Installation Instructions GENERAL INFORMATION PSR heating cable may be used to help prevent water pipes from freezing or to help prevent the formation of ice dams on roofs. • PSR heating cable is suitable for use on metal and plastic

NEVER spiral heating cable on pipes. Keep the heating cable straight along At the beginning of the heating season and monthly during operation, inspect the heating cable and its connection to the electric power source. Discontinue use and remove any unit that has been Cut, damaged

Electrical Contractor with a minimum of two years successful certified experience installing projects utilizing electric heating cable systems Out-Pipe MI Cable heating element: 10 After Installation of Out-Pipe MI Heating Cable on pipes. After Out-Pipe MI Cable is ready for

• 2500 VDC meggar – used to test electric heating cable insulation resistance Approvals – Do NOT use STW cable directly INSIDE pipes – This product is approved for use installed on the OUTSIDE of metal and plastic pipes only. 7.

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