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Summary of Assumptions for EPA ENERGY STAR® Savings Estimates ENERGY STAR Preliminary Draft Computer Specification (Version 4.0) Introduction

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4 | Calculating Energy Savings by Shutting Down Computers Cut Power Costs by Cutting the Power All of this power consumption math gets even more disconcerting when you realize a business computer’s useful

Page 1 of 3 Turn it Off! Energy Efficiency Reminder Label Templates One of the easiest ways to reduce energy consumption and cut costs is to only use the

Hours to determine if the energy savings practices listed above are being followed. o tuning off computer monitors and printers at the end of the day Energy Efficiency – Energy Conservation Plan Author: Department of Energy

Factoring in both energy savings and convenience, experts suggest that you turn off both your computer and monitor if you don’t plan to use your computer within the next two hours. If you don’t plan to use your computer within 20-30 minutes, you should place

An energy-efficient home will keep your family comfortable while saving you money. Whether you take simple steps or make larger investments

Here are the top 5 energy savings tips for your home: Save up to $140 per year, varies by item Tax Incentives: Many ENERGY STAR qualified products are Turning off your computer at night could save you up to a third of its energy costs.

Saving Energy – One Computer at a Time – A Case Study • Do you turn off your computer when you leave the office at the end the day? • Do you turn off your monitor?

Review of Computer Energy Consumption and Potential Savings White Paper December 2006 Megan Bray Sponsored by Dragon Systems Software Limited (DssW)

When Should I Turn Them Off? Background Personal computers, including monitors, are one of the fastest-growing users of electricity in the environmental impacts caused by computer energy use. Battery-powered laptops consume significantly less power.

ENERGY STAR Computer Power Management Savings Calculator Monitors: Computers: (both display/computer): Savings from notebook computers going into sleep mode: **Enter 0% if no one turns their computer off at night,

The Van Geet Off-Grid Home: An Integrated Approach to Energy Savings C. Dennis Barley, Paul Torcellini, and Otto Van Geet National Renewable Energy Laboratory. along with the development of computer simulation tools to aid in the design process.

Energy Savings through Automatic Seasonal Run Time Adjustment of Pool Filter Pumps Prepared by: Stephen Allen, B.S. Electrical Engineering Copright 2005 Allen Concepts, Inc.

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