Fuel Oil Furnace Air Adjustments

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WARM AIR FURNACE MULTIPOSITION Printed in Canada 2.3 SUPPLY AIR ADJUSTMENTS..10 2.4 LIMIT CONTROL CHECK For use with grade 2 Fuel Oil maximum. Do not use gasoline, crankcase oil or any oil containing gasoline!

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Installation of Lennox oil-fired furnaces must conform with OIL FURNACE NOTE -Each air duct opening shall have a free area d at least one square inch to release air and oil mixture from fuel line. Allow mix-

Centennial Oil Furnaces CHB High Boy CLB Low Boy Do not obstruct return air grills or supply air outlets. 17. Supply only #2 fuel oil to the burner. Never attempt to use gasoline, If there is no supply To successfully service the oil furnace, you must voltage, check fuses and service switch.

Further out toward the furnace walls. Oil only burners, especially those firing heavy oil, typically should have the rotation blades open further as indicated by position "B" below. Final fuel/air adjustments should be made by flue gas analysis.

Electrode adjustments Air adjustment at burner Adjusting oil pressure Adjusting draft OIL FURNACE EQUIPMENT OIL FURNACES WITH SPLIT SYSTEM AIR CONDITIONER System designs – closets, Combustion air Fuel oil burner – forced air system VENTING Sizing flue pipe

Additional fuel oil and room air supplied through the air tube/ nozzle. In turn, inspections and maintenance are required to keep an oil-fired and finally the baseboard units Improper calibration of the fuel oil pump decreases furnace or boiler efficiency. 8. Inspect,

No. 1 stove oil or No. 2 furnace oil only! CAUTION OR ANY OIL CONTAINING GASOLINE. When installing an NX outside air adapter (Beckett Part Number 1014U), refer to the instruction sheet This design provides very accurate control of the air/fuel ratio,

Recent advances in gas and oil central heating technology have resulted in highly it replaces it with air from around the furnace or boiler. refers to adjustments that reduce the rate at which fuel is burned.

Indication of furnace conditions. Air leakage in preheaters poses the same affect the flow of air or fuel to the boiler and produce uncontrolled shifts in the gives typical vlscoslty/temperature relationships for various grades of fuel oil. Typical

fuel/air adjustments are provided when the optional Power Gas or Gas/Oil Burner Fuel/Air Premix Adjustment for further information. C25 Rev.304 fuel/air flow). All Power Flame burners are factory tested and adjusted.

TROUBLE SHOOTING SUGGESTIONS GAS, OIL OR GAS/OIL BURNER GENERAL 1. Burner Fails to Start A. Defective On/Off or fuel transfer switch. Replace. B. Control circuit has an open control contact. Never change the fuel or air adjustments without

OIL-FIRED FURNACE DOWN FLOW & DIRECT VENT (SEALED excessive wear and possible damage to furnace oil pump and burner nozzle. A fuel oil filter control module. On oil furnaces, if required, vent the fuel of air as soon as the burner motor starts. If the burner stops during

WARM AIR FURNACE MULTIPOSITION Printed in Canada Use only the type of fuel oil approved for this furnace (see section 1.2 of this manual). The preliminary air adjustments on the burner comply with the technical specifications in this manual;

AIR/FUEL CONTROL – GETTING THERE AND STAYING THERE The relative movement can be varied by means of the cam adjustments, thereby determining the air/fuel ratio. For multiple-fuel burners, the selected fuel, the furnace pressure and economizer controls are in automatic

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