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RESIDENTIAL OIL FIRED FURNACES Keep your home warm and comfortable all winter long with an Direct-drive Blower The furnace is equipped with a 3-speed, whisper quiet direct drive blower Hot combustion gases pass through these circular passage ways to

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BELT DRIVE BLOWERS 4. MOUNT BLOWER PULLEY the blower bearings and motor. In a forced warm air furnace, use this pro-cedure to obtain a recommended heat-rise of about 90°F (unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer). Place one thermometer in the return air

Furnaces 95% AFUE Two-Stage Gas Furnace Energy Efficient Blower Motor Quality, Reliability and Value 10-Year All Parts Limited Warranty Rock-solid warranty coverage to protect your investment.

A-150 Warm Air Furnace Mount blower motor onto blower unit (as per instructions packed with blower). Insert blower assembly into furnace, allowing ¼” to ½” of blower blower will run as long as stove remains hot.

FURNACE BLOWER MOTOR MODEL 50 CURRENT SENSING RELAY (IF REQUIRED) HUMIDISTA T WAT ER SUPPLY SHUT-OFF on heat pump system, humidifier must be supplied with service hot water. NOTE: The saddle valve is designed to be fully opened or closed. Do not use it

FURNACE 1 Variable-speed blower motor with Comfort-R 3 Adaptive silicon nitride hot surface igniter Highly reliable ignition system provides longer service life. 4 Heavy steel insulated cabinet Comes in easy-to-install sizes in four industry standard widths;

Rect drive blower motor, with sufficient airflow range for most heating and • Silicon Nitride Hot surface igniter with adaptive heat up FURNACE NO. 1 FURNACE NO. 2 BLOWER OPERATION OF UNIT NO. 2 IS SYNCRONIZED

5 Silicon Nitride Hot Surface Igniter XL80 Two-Stage Furnace A four-speed blower motor delivers consistent, even comfort, while two-stage Your investment in a Trane furnace is well protected with limited warranties on the

TRANE XR90 SINGLE-STAGE FURNACE TRANE XR90 FURNACE an efficient multi-speed blower motor and insulated cabinet — so your customers can be confident that more of the heat they pay for will be captured. 2 Adaptive silicon nitride hot surface igniter

Hot water tank 10. Sink or near any hot water 11. Within 15 feet of any electric space heater SECTION VIII: MOTOR, BLOWER AND FURNACE STARTUP SECTION Selecting the X-13 Blower Speed This furnace uses the new X-13 high efficiency motor. This

Intertherm Furnace Blower Motor Wiring.pdf To download full version "Intertherm Furnace Blower Motor Wiring.pdf" copy this link into your browser:

Furnace Blower Electricity: National and Regional Savings Potential Victor Franco, James Lutz, and Alex Lekov, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

W.R. BENJAMIN PRODUCTS LIMITED HEATING PRODUCTS OWNERS MANUAL MODEL WK400/WK400A DO NOT change the primary furnace blower. (Pulleys and motor may be changed.) A central location is most desirable for a hot air furnace. A short distance from the chimney with

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