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Gas Furnace FIGURE 8: Combustible Floor Base Accessory FIGURE 9: Horizontal Application attempt to install filters inside the furnace. 1.Air velocity through throwaway type filters may not exceed 300 feet per min-ute (91.4 m/min).

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furnace, it s easy to cut heating costs up to 31% compared to most furnaces that are 20 years old. For instance, our hot surface ignition technology doesn t waste fuel like a standing pilot does. Self-cleaning Inshot burners precisely Luxaire ® purchase goes to

Glasfloss disposable filters shall be rated Class 2 under U.L. std. 900. Title: Glasfloss Disposable Panel Filters Author: Filter Sales & Service Created Date:

The G40UH(X) furnace can be installed in horizontal ap-plications. ters when necessary to ensure proper furnace operation. Replacement filters must be rated for high velocity airflow. Table 1 lists recommended filter sizes. Flue And Chimney

Activated Carbon is the most common media of adsorption filters Why? Because activated carbon has a tremendous surface area and can adsorb most organic chemicals. Van der Waal’s Forces include the attraction and capture of gas or liquid molecules to the surface

Cleaners, and HEPA filters can improve your HVAC system’s ability to filter allergens and other particles from your home’s indoor air. Here is a partial list of particles that enhanced air filtration can capture cB-giaQ 09-12. Created Date:

AISI Contract TRP -9 Project No. 0041 A Feasibility Study for Recycling Used Automotive Oil Filters in a Blast Furnace Metserv Page 2 of 69 January 2002

Totaline® Filter Housing for Gas Furnaces Filter Housing For HEATWAVE Gas Furnace AIR-TITE Housing For 1” Filters OUTSIDE PART DIMENSIONS OPENING FILTER

Turn off electricity to furnace. 2. Remove front cover. 3. GENERAL FILTERS, INC. 43800 GRAND RIVER AVE. NOVI, MICHIGAN 48375-1115 L MAC-2000 Media Air Cleaner MODÈLE MAC-2000 Média De Purificateur D’air W ARRANT Y

furnace process, even at a very high baghouse flow rate, can increase the baghouse inlet temperature to the limit of More significantly, the GORE-TEX membrane filters are engineered to filter from ultrafine and fluid to sticky,

Geothermal Heat Pump 7 Series 700A11 Installation Manual • R-410A Refrigerant • 3, 4, 5 Ton Variable Speed L – Left R – Right Discharge Air Configuration T – Top (Vertical) cleaning and replacing filters. All other operations should be performed by trained service personnel.

With clean filters in the furnace, use a draft gauge (inclined manometer) to measure the static pressure of RESETTING F ROM L OCKOUT Furnace lockout results when a furnace is unable to achieve ignition after three attempts. It is characterized by a non-func-

General Filters, Inc. MODEL NO. W L A B C Filter Size GF-GAFB2832 28½ 32 26½ 8 13½ 20 x 25 GF-GAFB2843 28½ 43 26½ 10 12 19 22 1/2 20 x 25 FILTER PLATFORMS FOR GAS & ELECTRIC

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