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PopUP Media Replacement Filters provide MERV 11 performance. It ships flat so it won’t take up valuable room on your truck, and its packaging is designed to protect it from damage FC40R & FC20R Return Grille Filters – Honeywell Exclusive

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HEALTHY CLIMATE® MERV 10 OR MERV 16 MEDIA AIR CLEANERS MERV 10 and MERV 16 filters (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value based on ASHRAE 52.2). D" Width Furnace with Bottom Return Air 28−1/2" x 3 1/2" side seal strip or duct transition needed.

Pleated Furnace Filters cost a little more than disposable air filters, but you may typically be able to obtain a service Simple Air Filters provide MERV 7 or lower rated Air Filtration Efficiency Air Cleaners (Better) achieve MERV 8-16 Air Filtration

MERV : Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value 5. MPPS : Most Penetrating Particle Size 6. TABLE 1.2 for AIR FILTERS and EFFICIENCY ULPA Filter (U Class) TYPE F Particle size bigger than 0.12µm super cleanroom MAYAIR Range of Products All types of cleanrooms

Product Data TM TM A10044 MERV 13 filters have a minimum of 90% particle collection efficiency in both the 1—3 micron and 3—10 micron particle size ranges. E1: Flex has a higher static pressure drop than the typical factory supplied furnace and/or fan coil filter (as shown above),

The Filter Housing allows for easy access to furnace filters without having to enter furnace. The Filter Housing uses 1”, 2” or 4” standard size pleated or • High efficiency MERV 11 Media Filter is an extra deep,

Glasfloss Z-Line Series Air Cleaner Replacement Filters achieve a MERV 8, MERV 11 or MERV 13 rating per ANSI/ASHRAE 52.2 Test Standard. • MERV 8, 59.7 42.2 42.2-SGP20256 SGP16276 SGP20256AC MODEL NUMBER SIZE W x H x D NOMINAL SIZE W x H x D EXACT RATED VELOC-ITY FPM INITIAL

Measured Pressure Drops of Unaged MERV 7 Filters..21 Figure 4-7. Measured Collection Efficiencies of Unaged MERV 8 Filters MERV minimum efficiency reporting value NA not available OPC optical particle counter ORD Office of Research and Development

Emerson media air cleaners can effectively remove particles as small as one micron – or 1/100th the width of a human hair. † Standard MERV 8 filters are up to 20 times more efficient at capturing allergens than ordinary fiberglass filters

Modeling Filter Bypass: Impact on Filter Efficiency Matthew Ward Jeffrey Siegel, Ph.D. Furnace Filter 10 0.484 0.3% 0.7% 9.8% 14.3% The MERV filters should not be compared to the other filters in this study without noting differences in

Switched terminals for furnace/AC interconnect Filters: MERV 8 For the most complete and current information visit RenewAire.com 7 EV130 Specifications G5 Performance Dimensions Indoor Unit Ventilation Type: Static Plate, Heat and Humidity Transfer

CANADIAN GENERAL FILTERS 1-888-216-9184 sales@cgfproducts.com MAC FILTER SERIES Rheem’s Classic 90 Plus furnace with Contour Comfort Control is designed to fit into util-ity rooms, The NL4 furnace from Newmac

We recommend changing standard furnace air filters every 3 months (4x per year) (12x per year) If you have a high end MERV air filter system then you only need to change the MERV filter roughly every 10 months (minimum 1x per year), if you have pets then we

SINGLE PACKAGE ROOFTOP UNITS 25, 30 and 40 NOMINAL TONS MILLENNIUM® Y12/13/14* 25 TON 10 EER All filters shall be either side The rollout switch shall discontinue furnace operation if the flue

ItÕll also increase leakage through the cabinet of the air handler or furnace. Air filter pressure drop isnÕt linear with air velocity. Combination media/electrostatic filters have the same problem with increased pressure drop as other media filters,

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