Furnace Gas Valve With Set Position

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SUBURBAN GAS FURNACES INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS FOR MODELS Position furnace access door over the frame. Secure the door to the coach skin. shut off the manual gas valve to the appliance before shutting off the electrical supply. 10.

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Switch on the gas valve to the OFF position and wait 5 minutes. (See Fig. 12 or 13.) 6. When thermostat is set on AUTO, the furnace blower cycles on and off, controlled by the thermostat. In ON position, the furnace blower runs continuously

4 STEPS FOR STARTING YOUR FURNACE 1.Set your room thermostat to the lowest temperature setting. (See Fig. 5.) 2.Close the external manual gas valve.

Goodman Gas Furnace Thermostat Wiring Diagram Gas FurnaCes. uP to 96% aFue Two-stage gas valve convertible technology allows installer to you re-set the furnace set thermostat to heat and watch the control board to see if it throws.

Place yourself in a position which is more hazardous than when the unit is in operation. any fieLd adjustment. do not attempt to adjust vaLve. 20. Measure furnace gas supply pressure with burners firing. Gas valve is factory set and does NOT require any field adjustment.

Is the thermostat switch set in the heat position: Is the gas line connected Is the gas manual shut off valve open? The gas valve handle is located just outside the furnace and the • During the cooling season, your gas furnace provides air flow for your air conditioning

Do not use a gas control set for natural gas on For VR4205, make sure conduit cover is in position and secured to the gas valve with the screw provided. See Fig. 2. 5. If the furnace does not come on when the thermostat

gas valve to the OFF position. The furnace installation should also have a manualshutoff valve in the gas piping to the furnace, similar to what is shown in Figure 3. To turn off the gas OFF ON OFF ON Figure 3 — Manual Gas Shutoff Valve Thermostat Set the room thermostat at the desired

Occurs, shut off the gas valve to the furnace before Light Furnace 1. Set the thermostat control(s) to the lowest setting. 2. Is the manual gas control valve in the OPEN position? Has a fuse blown, or has the circuit breaker tripped? If

† 96% residential gas furnace CSA certified system set up † Self priming condensate trap GAS VALVE AND MANIFOLD DIRECT SPARK IGNITION & REMOTE SENSOR REMOTE SENSOR BLOCKED DRAIN SENSOR. Air Physical Data & Specifications R96V Series 4

MULTI POSITION GAS FURNACES Features system set up † Self priming condensate trap † Solid bottom included † Compatible with single or two stage thermostats. For GAS VALVE AND MANIFOLD DIRECT SPARK IGNITION & REMOTE SENSOR REMOTE SENSOR

GAS-FIRED FURNACE DOWN FLOW & DIRECT VENT (SEALED COMBUSTION) The furnace and its gas valve must be disconnected from the gas If the heat anticipator is set too low, the furnace may cycle too frequently.

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