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HOW IS THE OTTAWA MARKET YOU ASK? Published by the Ottawa Real Estate Board, May 5, 2011 Members of the Ottawa Real furnace humidifier damper on units with central air conditioning. Switch on power to air conditioning and check system.

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And White-Rodgers humidifiers are very user-f r i endl ya sto v c . • Thermal fan interlock control allows unit to humidify air without furnace heat. • Uses minimal water. • Corrossion-resistant, White-Rodgers Whole House Humidifier HFT HDT HSP Series Author:

humidifier, and close the furnace humidifier damper on units with central air conditioning. Check air conditioning system and Ottawa ON K1A 0P7 Phone: 1 800 668-2642 Fax: 1 800 245-9274 ©2003, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation Printed in Canada

NOVI, MICHIGAN 48375-1115 GENERALAIRE.COM CANADIAN GENERAL FILTERS, LTD. 39 CROCKFORD BLVD. SCARBOROUGH, ONTARIO M1R3B7 CGFPRODUCTS.COM The humidifier operates only when the furnace blower is running or the burner circuit is energized. The humidifier is now ready for operation. 6.

Condensing Gas Furnace Series 100 Product Data A11263 The 59MN7A Multipoise Variable–Capacity Condensing Gas S Convenient ElectronicAir Cleaner and Humidifier connections S Direct–vent/sealed combustion or ventilated combustion air venting S Installation flexibility:

DIAMOND 80 HIGH EFFICIENCY GAS-FIRED FURNACES. HOW YOUR GAS FURNACE WORKS Your furnace is a very easy appliance to take for granted. Season after season, it sits there in your home, keeping you warm and comfortable. For this reason, you may never have given much thought

This type of humidifier was once about the only type you would find in Ottawa and most other homes across Canada. The problem with them was that there would be

furnace. Open furnace humidifier damper on units with central air conditioning and clean humidifier. Lubricate circulating pump on hot water heating system. Bleed air from hot water radiators. Examine the forced air furnace fan belt for wear, looseness or noise;

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Oil furnace or boiler must record a steady-state efficiency of should also check the humidifier setting on your furnace,if it is equipped with one. In fact, Ottawa 110 75 55 40 Toronto 95 65 45 35 Windsor

The GeneralAire® Model 1099 Legacy Series Humidifier is your . convenient, whole-house. solution to dry air. Imagine purchasing a portable unit for every room of your house. • A portion of the heated air from the furnace passes through a

Oil furnace with true variable speed fan through humidifier Furnace Mount Brand New in Box 307 Gilmour Street, Ottawa, ONTARIO, K2P0P7 and silver plated compact mirrors, and gold

Suggested Home Maintenance Schedule . • Replace or clean air conditioner and furnace filters X • Check furnace humidifier for signs of leakage X • Check drain hose for central air conditioner to ensure it is and will

If an atomizing spray type humidifier is also used, it must be installed downstream from the air cleaner. If a UV germicidal light is used in the system, maintain Cabinet Furnace Match-Ups Updated to include latest Air Handler models.

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