Furnace Humidifier Without Air Return

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Specifications or designs without notice and without incurring obligations. Book 1 4 Tab 7a 9a HUMIDIFIER HUMIDISTAT 24VAC FURNACE BROWN BROWN HUMIDIFIER HUMIDISTAT 115V FIELD WIRING Humidifier may be installed on either supply or return plenum. If furnace has air conditioning coil,

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Install your new Honeywell HE360 Humidifier. INSTALLATION • Do not locate the humidifier on the furnace body. Table 1. Required Accessories. Quantity Accessory 20 ft upstream from the humidifier in the return air duct. (See Fig 2.) Fig. 2.

Your Aprilaire Humidifier Control is installed in the cold air return duct. heat pump or a furnace with short run cycles. The humidifier should be without charge,


Which is installed on the cold air return duct or in your living area, If the furnace has an air conditioning coil, damper will keep cooler air from flowing into the humidifier and wasting electricity. Q.

Which is installed on the cold air return duct or in your living If the furnace has an air conditioning fluid restrictor cleaning. Humidifier Humidifier Humidifier Alternate location "A" coil Air cleaner Air cleaner Air cleaner Air cleaner Humidifier Humidifier. 7 Maintenance

Disconnect electrical power to the furnace and humidifier before starting installation. Install humidifier control on return plenum only. RETURN DUCT HUMIDIFIER CONTROL FRESH AIR INTAKE COIL HUMIDIFIER BYPASS CONNECTION INSTALLATION

Aprilaire Model 800 Steam Humidifier FAQs duct board flex duct could not be used in either the supply or return branches. Unit Operation Q: control will automatically turn on the furnace fan after one hour without a fan call

WHOLE HOUSE DEHUMIDIFIER INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS dehumidifier to the return air supply on the existing furnace or can lower humidity inside the building without running the dehumidifier. NOTE: When using the existing duct system,

2 Physical Installation Remember to select a location that is readily accessible for periodic inspection and cleaning of your humidifier. This unit should be located on the cold air return side of

General Aire Humidifier Owners Manual humidifier, and then to the return air or negative pressure side of the blower system. instructions, furnace fan must be running for humidifier to operate. If humidistat is applied check for proper setting.

Note: Due to Lennox’ ongoing commitment to quality, all specifications, ratings and dimensions are subject to change without notice. Heavy Return duct CUSTOMIZE YOUR furnace, gas furnaces, gas furnace, home furnace, residential furnace, oil furnace, lennox furnaces, air conditioner

When installing the Humidifier Control on a counterflow furnace, RETURN DUCT HUMIDIFIER CONTROL FRESH AIR INTAKE COIL HUMIDIFIER BYPASS Humidifier or Humidifier Control “chatters” or clicks On and Off rapidly

Duct Mounted Atomizing Humidifier Mister-MINI TM Caution: water is then evaporated and carried into the home by the furnace air flow. This humidifier is recommended for areas where water mineral content 3. If there is no leakage, return the unit to its original position and secure with

And can be mounted on either the hot air or return air ducts. The humidifier can be mounted to the warm air plenum or the cold air It is better to mount the humidistat on the RETURN duct because it will detect the air being returned to the furnace without being disturbed by a sudden

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