Furnace Leaking Water Condensate Drain

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Let's Concentrate on Condensate by Kenny Hart to thoroughly collect and then direct the condensate water to a condensate drain. When this happens, water leaking through the pan can be mistaken for an overflowing blocked drain.

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The pump must be level and the inlet must be below the lowest drain, either coil or furnace. If wall or bottom of the condensate pump. If drain the water from the reservoir

The G51MP furnace can be installed in horizontal applica- leaking joint. 3 − Clean and dry surfaces to be joined. 2 − Have a shallow pan ready to empty condensate water. 3 − Remove the drain plug from the condensate trap and

Condensate Drain Connection . ≥ Water heater 195 CFH + Furnace 58.8 CFH + Domestic gas stove 63.7 CFH * 1 CFH=1,020 Btuh • 1/2" rigid pipe can be used; refer to the sizing tables in the Installation Manual for limitations.

Condensate Drain Line Connection 3.. Waste Line FURNACE WIDTH (IN.) UNCASED COIL DIMENSIONS ACCESSORY COIL CONNECTION TUBE The coil is designed to dispose of accumulated water thr ough built–in condensate drain fittings. It is recommended that PVC

CONDENSATE TRAPS for Cooling Coils about leaking air, draw-thru units would allow little or no condensate drainage if not equipped to drain Water seal condensate beghning to&ain RECOMMENDATION A trap with two tees and plugs, as

A horizontal run of condensate drain lines should Upflow Models When using an uncased coil, if the supply opening of the furnace is larger than the drain pan is either direction, any existing gap must be closed off to drain pan to prevent water blow off in several counterflow model

10. Condensate drain connection indirect storage water heater as shown. L. MULTIPLE BOILERS 1. Connect multiple boilers as shown in 1E and The 24 VAC signal, may have grounded through the glycol if the water pressure switch is leaking.

If the information in this manual is not followed exactly, no flue gas is leaking from the condensate drain tubing or tee connection by holding your fingers near the opening. 2. the condensate drain assembly. The water

CONDENSATE DRAIN TRAP w/ 3/4" PVC DISCHARGE (RIGHT OR LEFT SIDE) 2 C B FRONT VIEW A (DISCHARGE) 1 1/2 NOMINAL WIDTH FOR GAS FURNACE A: Fits 14" Furnace Cabinet B: Fits 17 1/2" Furnace Cabinet (Inches Water Column) BLOWER PERFORMANCE SPECIFICATIONS 13 100 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 110 120

Done by pouring a few cups of water into furnace vent pipe after drain installation is complete. ?? In horizontal positions, condensate drain trap must be mounted through bottom side of furnace. From parts package find the following parts:

Furnace Water Heater Cold softened water When using softened drain with the TrueSTEAM drain. Standpipe Condensate Pump Sump Laundry Drain points for reject waterTub Drain If tank fails to drain, unplug TrueSTEAM (and make sure water in tank is cool before proceeding).

If the Munchkin Contender combustion air inlet no flue gas is leaking from the condensate drain tubing or tee connection by holding your fingers near the opening. 2. If you notice flue gas leaking from the condensate drain assembly. The water

Pump must be level and the inlet must be below the coil drain. Conduit fittings are not compatible with the plastic pump housing. The condensate pump kit is designed as an automatic condensate removal pump for water dripping off an air conditioner evaporative coil gas furnace condensate

Some elements of mobile home roof construction are especially prone to leak. mobile home furnace closet designs will increase the chance of there being con- include the water heater,if a bypass from

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