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The Model B Furnace available in ratings from 1200o C – 2300o C. Standard Features: 20 Segments per Program Vacuum Purge Fully Automatic Survey Thermocouples Computer Controls . Specification Sheet Equipment Model: B-2000

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Arc furnace controls that can operate from one to six © The Vacuum Electric Switch Co. 2014 Ratings for Vacuum Electric Switches © The Vacuum Electric Switch Co. 2014 Vacuum Switch Failures in General

5 FireLite Furnace Operations Manual Installing the Vacuum Pump • If you have a Whip Mix supplied vacuum pump, simply attach the pump power cord into the international

Downflow, Upflow Electric Furnaces E3 Series (Air Conditioner/Heat Pump Air Handler) Vacuum or wipe clean the interior of furnace cabinet. Clean all lint and dust from around the furnace. It is recommended that the blower compartment

CHAPTER 21 ((INDUSTRIAL)) OVENS, DRYERS AND FURNACES SECTION 2101 GENERAL vessel that operates under vacuum for all or part of the process place of the exhaust blower ratings. 2107.3 Training. Operating, maintenance and supervisory

Vacuum switching technology and components for medium voltage For all applications. Everywhere. 2 2 vacuum brazing technique such as the vacuum furnace form the basis for the highest product quality For large numbers of operating cycles and high ratings, mainly as

Furnace ratings: see the ratings sign on the left side of the furnace Dimensions and weights: see table Protection class: 1 Regularly clean the inside of the furnace with a vacuum cleaner. Attention: While doing this do not touch the heating elements to avoid damaging them.

Gas Furnace It’s called the Platinum Series for a reason. Means you can rinse or vacuum it without buying replacements each time. Ratings of cubic feet per minute of clean air delivered for a typical 3-ton heating and cooling

CIRCUIT BREAKER RATINGS Breakers used in Mild Environments other than for Arc Furnace Switching. 3-7. BREAKER MAXIMUM NO. OF NUMBER OF OPERATIOSN The short-time and interrupting current ratings on vacuum breakers are not affected by altitude.

furnace chamber. 4. Vacuum the chamber prior to use to remove the insulation dust due to The electrical ratings are located on the spec-ification plate on the back of the furnace. Consult Barnstead/Thermolyne if your electri-

Magnetic Particle Rating of Electric Furnace Vacuum Degassed Coupon 2C Magnetic Particle Rating of Open Hearth Vacuum Degassed X. Ultrasonic Cleanliness Ratings of hlhO Electric Furnace Vacuum Degassed Steel II. Comparison of Ultrasonic and AMR 23OI 106Cleanliness Ratings SECTION II

Furnace Loading Electrical Ratings: Model # Volts Amps Watts Phase Frequency FB1310M 220-240 4.4 1060 1 50/60 FB1310M-26 220-240 4.4 1060 1 50/60 furnace chamber. 4. Vacuum the chamber prior to use to remove the insulation dust due to

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