Garage Gas Furnace Downflow

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Do not install the furnace in an unconditioned space or garage that could experience ambient temperatures of 32° F (0° C) DOWNFLOW FURNACE WARM AIR PLENUM WITH 1" FLANGES FIBERGLASS Upflow Models (P*UR/ FG9-UP / G9T-UP) – Reading Gas Pressure GASVALVE OUTLET PRESSURETAP

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FOR UPFLOW & DOWNFLOW/HORIZONTAL HIGH REFER TO INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS GAS SUPPLY Adequate pipe size Correct supply pressure (during furnace operation) Manifold pressure No gas leaks L.P. Kit Polarity observed Furnace properly grounded Adequate wire size FURNACE INSTALLATION

80% GAS FURNACE INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS GAS FURNACE SAFETY Table of Contents In a residential garage, a gas-fired furnace must be installed (downflow) furnace on combustible surface, such as wood, install one of the

40" 95% Gas Furnace Dedicated Downflow C: Downflow/Horizontal H: Hi Air Flow WARNING HIGH VOLTAGE! Disconnect ALL power before servicing or installing this unit. Multiple power • When installed in a residential garage, the furnace

garage must be installed as specified in “Location and Clearances” section When the downflow furnace is installed vertically with a cased coil, HORIZONTAL FURNACE GAS PIPING MAY BE FROM EITHER SIDE

Upflow / Horizontal and Downflow / Horizontal, Gas-Fired Furnaces, If the furnace is installed in a residential garage, it must be installed so that the burners, and the ignition source are located not less than 18 inches above the

UPFLOW/DOWNFLOW COILS INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS 4. to physical damage (i.e. a garage) it is advised to install a protective barrier to prevent such damage. Always install If the uncased coil is to be installed on top of a gas furnace,

DOWNFLOW / HORIZONTAL MODELS – A furnace installed in a residential garage shall be located so that all burners and burner ignition devices are located not When the gas supply is initially connected to the furnace, the gas piping may be full of air.

*TL Series 90+ Downflow Two-Stage Condensing Furnace Gas Fired Central Furnaces! WARNING: Improper installation, adjustment, al-teration, service, or maintenance can residential garage must be installed as specified on Page 8 of these instructions. 10.

RESIDENTIAL GAS FURNACE WITH ECM MOTOR MODELS: TP9C*C, YP9C*C, CP9C*C, Installation in a residential garage: A gas-fired furnace for installation in a residential garage must be To apply the furnace in a downflow position,

If this unit is installed in a garage, attic, or other unconditioned space, Downflow Furnace Evaporator Coil Return place coil directly on top of gas furnace with overhanging portion entirely on left side as in

CNPVP CNPVT Installation Instructions Cased N Coils Upflow — Downflow Heating — Cooling NOTE: Read the entire instruction manual before starting the

Downflow Warm Air Gas Furnaces This is a safety alert symbol and should never be ignored. When you see this symbol on labels or in For installation in a residential garage, the furnace must be installed so that the burner(s) and the ignition source are located no less than 18 inches (457 mm

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