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VentIng SyStem for gaS fIred unIt heater applIanceS . For the most up-to-date installation instructions, exhaust temperature (Table 1) pressure of 6" water column. Refer to the gas appliance manufacturers instructions to determine venting requirements

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Unit heater purges heat exchanger of any remaining exhaust gases Safety pressure switch checks for FOA/FSA 75-125 Uninsulated or larger detached garage Back 18 FOA N 75 N: natural gas P: propane S ERIES NOMINAL GAS HEAT INPUT G AS FOA: Separated combustion unit

Tankless Water Heater Electrical: Gas-fired TWHB units may require a 110/120V receptacle for operation of the thermostatic controls. When installed in a garage, the power for these gas-fired units may be provided by an adjacent

Installation in a residential garage: A gas-fired furnace for installation in a residential garage must be exhaust vent terminal for the hor izontally vented gas fueled heat- Gas Water Heater Furnace Soffit Vent Gas Water Heater Inlet Air (a) Inlet Air (b) Furnace Gas Vent

Each Beacon-Morris garage heater when installed and operated per the installation instructions has a 10 year heat exchanger warranty. See manufacturer’s warranty for full details. Sizing Guide For Beacon/Morris Gas Unit Heaters 1.Choose your

Phoenix Gas-Fired Water Heater . INSTALLATION. START-UP . MAINTENANCE . PARTS . D. RESIDENTIAL GARAGE INSTALLATION Heater intake and exhaust connections are not designed to carry heavy weight.

Type B Gas Vent Round and Oval Type B GasVent Systems for use with natural as or liquid propane category I and draft hood equipped appliances and

A gas water heater cannot operate properly without the correct amount of air for combustion. Provide ventilation and combustion air by means of an air intake duct assembly as stated in “Water Heater Installation”. Never obstruct the flow of ventilation air.


The Trane gas-fired unit heater is a complete heat generating and distributing plant, equipped with automatic safety controls, all packaged in flow to exhaust vent gas. The blower may be mounted at the unit heater or at the point of termination.

Model UDAP Heater with a Special Horizontal Vent only ˘ˇ ˆ ˙˝˛˝ ˚˜ !" # $#%#˙& ’ ˙˝˛ *Do not terminate the vent directly above a gas meter or service regulator. ** Consider local snow depth conditions. The vent must be at least 6” (152mm)

POOL HEATER, LEAVE THE VICINITY OF THE THE POOL HEATER MUST BE THOROUGHLY TESTED BY A GAS PROFESSIONAL BEFORE RESUMING exhaust systems be initially and periodically tested for proper operation. This testing can be accomplished by

The gas valve may be faulty and has to be replaced. Unit Heater Top Ten Troubleshooting Guide. 6. 7. 8: 9. When the heater receives a call for heat, it goes into a lock out. Exhaust blower runs constantly with 120volts applied and no thermostat wires connected to the

HOT DAWG ® SEPARATED COMBUSTION GAS-FIRED UNIT HEATER (MODEL HDS) L Same features as HD, with these added bene ts: s Draws combustion air from outside the

90+ GAS FURNACE INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS GAS FURNACE SAFETY Table of Contents In a residential garage, a gas-fired furnace must be installed Check that the exhaust vent pipe terminates outside the building. 8.

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