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Power Vented Unit Heaters Vent Installation Form RZ-NA I-UD-V-PV These power-vented unit heaters are designed to operate safely and efficiently with Support a horizontal vent run every six feet (1.8M) using a non-combustible mate-rial,

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Venting Installation Diagrams & Examples for On‐Demand Water Heaters: A proper sidewall terminator is recommended when the water heater is vented through a sidewall.

RESIDENTIAL GARAGE HEATERS Keep your garage warm and comfortable through the coldest winter months. be blown out when a garage door is open. XX Power Vented A small blower is used to force exhaust gases through the flue. Heat exchangers are backed by a 10 year non-prorated warranty

The Garage Guy heater is a tubular design propeller of up to 25% over conventional natural vented unit heaters. access and is typically mounted on a non-combustible floor. Both models offer high efficiencies that achieve annual fuel

heaters, heats water for domestic use and stores it in a triple addition or a apartment over a garage. Atmospheric and Power Vented Gas Water Heaters Standard Features • Non-CFC Foam Insulation – Improved formulation provides

All Sterling unit heaters are designed for ease of installation, service and annual maintenance. Residential Garage and Commercial Certifi ed • Power Vented • Easy Access Control Panel

Sterling unit heaters provide effi cient heating solutions Garage Certifi ed The GG heater is a tubular design propeller type unit heater that utilizes a single orifi ce burner. vented unit heaters. The QVEF/QVEB feature

Modine Unit Heater Specs Modine's separated combustion unit heaters are designed for the heating Do not locate ANY gas-fired unit in areas where chlorinated, halogenated or acid. gas-fired unit heaters model Hd and

Condensate formation does not occur in all installations of power vented water heaters, but should be protected against on installations where condensation component(s) previously used with a non-potable water heating appliance. 4.

heaters offer a highly efficient, RESIDENTIAL GARAGE CERTIFIED The Beacon Morris Model “BRU” unit heater conforms with the latest Category I enables the unit to be vented vertically with either single or double wall venting material.

Vented gas heater _____Btu/Hr Gas fireplace heater in a home garage • heater pilot and burner must be at least 18 inches above floor • locate heater where moving ve-hicle will not hit it Continued COMFORT GLOW VENT-FREE NATURAL GAS HEATERS

Sellers of unvented propane or natural gas-fired supplemental room heaters shall Vented gas heater _____ Btu/Hr Gas fireplace logs _____ Btu/Hr (non-utility) gas wells. This gas is commonly known as wellhead gas.

This type of equipment is usually fueled by kerosene, natural gas, wall heaters, etc. Designers, building inspectors, and buildings owners are reminded that Anyone proposing to use such equipment in a detached garage should always check with the local officials.

Vented gas heater _____Btu/Hr Gas fireplace (non-utility) gas wells. This gas is commonly known as wellhead gas. IMPORTANT: Hold pressure regulator with wrench when connecting it to gas piping COMFORT GLOW VENT-FREE NATURAL GAS HEATERS

Gas-Fired, Gravity-Vented Unit Heaters GENERAL Vent pipe should be a minimum of 24 gauge galvanized steel or other non-corrosive material. Double wall, Type B vent such as Metalbestos or Amerivent is recommended. For Natural Gas:

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