Gas Check (disambiguation)

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Metaheuristics for Natural Language Tagging Lourdes Araujo1, Gabriel Luque2, and Enrique Alba2 it is a disambiguation task). The aim of this work is to check and compare two difierent variants of evo-

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A graph-based method to improve WordNet Domains Aitor Gonz alez, German Rigau IXA group UPV/EHU, Donostia, Spain common Word Sense Disambiguation task. 0.0000204: gas

Challenges of Cloud Computing in Business: Towards New Organizational Competencies John Otieno Oredo computing is to provide computing as a utility in the same way that other public utilities such as gas and The concept of cloud computing and its disambiguation is still evolving.

Natural language tagging with genetic algorithms applying disambiguation to the text [1]. The ambiguity pared the results of the GAs with those obtained from Simulated Annealing, in order to ascertain the suitabil-

Top Mobile Applications for Lawyers Legal IT 4.0 :: Montreal, Quebec April 26, 2010 Check the Weather Weather Channel Free Weather Bug Free. Navigon MobileNavigator (disambiguation) Water is a common chemical substance that is essential for the survival Of all known forms of

A “disambiguation” dialog box appears that offers users possible alternative matches for restaurants, gas stations or banks). Sales managers can also use multiple symbol maps to represent areas or locations that show they select the check boxes for the fields they want to

Atmospheric gas composition change, soil damage and the spread of invasive species [2]. Species richness, the number of species 2 Taxonomic disambiguation We also recommend carrying out a simple check that each

Is a disambiguation task). Specifically, we have applied a classic genetic algorithm The aim of this work is to check and compare two different variants of evo- We have also compared the results of the GAs with those obtained from Simulated Annealing (SA),

Aim of generating MCQ test items to check their knowledge. CONTROLLED RHETORICAL STRUCTURE THEORY Step 2 “When an SF6 gas pressure low alarm is received, Disambiguation of this kind is particularly relevant to

(disambiguation), High tide (disambiguation), and High water The car has no power when you press the gas pedal › Classic Car The language you quoted does typically refer to the power to issue or sign a check, or

<燃气, 汽车> “gas vehicle” and <汽车, 燃气> “gas for vehicle”. it is easy to check that Eq. (4) Sense Disambiguation Method,” Journal of Chinese Information Processing, vol. 13,

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