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Massachusetts. This appliance is suitable for installation in a bedroom or bed-sitting Fireplace Institute Fireplace Heaters. CAN/CGA-2.17-M91, Gas-Fired Appliances for Use at High Altitudes.

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GAS FIREPLACE INSERT MODEL #CRHFD400RT-M-M CAUTION – FOR YOUR SAFETY Cedar Ridge State of Massachusetts: The installation must be made by a licensed plumber or gas fitter in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Sellers of unvented propane or

PFS ® US REMOTE-READy State of Massachusetts: The installa-tion must be made by a licensed plumber or gas fitter in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Sellers of unvented propane or natural Vent-free fireplace _____Btu/Hr Gas water heater* _____Btu/Hr

LISTED SOLID FUEL BURNING FIREPLACE INSERT MODEL: NEVER VENT THE STOVE INTO A CLASS "B" GAS VENT CHIMNEY. The temperature probe inserts through the hole into the stove. 11) Connect the fan to a nearby AC plug outlet.

MODEL NAME: Jøtul GI 550 DV II Gas Fireplace SERIAL NUMBER:_____ DATE OF PURCHASE: T-Handle required in Massachusetts • Sediment trap – if required by code • Tee joint • Pipe wrench • Pipe sealant

In the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. IMPORTANT: Installation of a CO detector is benefit and enjoyment from your Kozy Heat gas fireplace. Jim Hussong Dudley Hussong . President

State of Massachusetts: The installation must be made by a PFS Corporation to ANSI Z21.50 standard as vented gas fireplace. This fireplace must be installed by a qualified for propane/LP gas fireplace or opening

Napoleon Gas Fireplace Operating stoves grew of quality wood and gas fireplaces (inserts and stoves Quadra-Fire Gas Stove · Napoleon Gas Stoves · Vermont Castings Gas Stoves Massachusetts residents currently operating a non-EPA certified woodstove or if your existing stove

Fireplace / Chimney Code Requirements CABO One and Two Family Dwelling Code CHAPTER 10 – CHIMNEYS AND FIREPLACES Q: What are the requirements for hearths and hearth extensions? Answer: Section 1003 Masonry Fireplaces

DV ZC Gas Fireplace 1500IN (NG) & 1500IP (LPG) Installation & Owner’s Manual 4002873-19 ©2015, Miles Industries Ltd. Massachusetts: The piping and fi nal gas connection must be performed by a licensed plumber or gas fi tter in the State of

Of fireplaces, stoves and inserts when they’re turned on, or recently turned off. However, many homeowners are not aware of this The gas fireplace industry is not out of the woods yet with regard to regulation by the CPSC. HPBA and its member

DIRECT-VENT GAS FIREPLACE HEATER INSERTS in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. • The flexible gas line connector used shall not exceed 36 inches (92 centimeters) in length. • The individual manual shut-off must be a T-handle type valve.

When installed within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Venting Fireplace Inserts good gas fireplace glass cleaner, available at your local ENVIRO dealer. See “Door remoVal” and “cleanIng the glass” sections. 4

• Minimum distance from top of fireplace opening to throat (opening) is 8” • All fireplaces must have an exterior air supply, which shall not be located within the garage of a dwelling; the air Building Codes Inspector Created Date:

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