Gas Fireplace Will Not Turn On

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Gas Fireplace, Stove and Insert Safety Checklist Gas fireplaces, stoves and inserts are a great way to add warmth, thermostat to automatically turn the fire on/off, you may not know when the fire was actually turned off.

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Key in a safe place near you fireplace. Do not To turn the gas off, turn the handle 90° clockwise (perpendicular to the gas pipe). 2. To turn the gas on, simply turn the handle 90° counter clockwise so it is parallel with the gas pipe.

When purchasing a gas fireplace, consider one that does not have a continuous pilot light. • When the fireplace is operating, turn down your home’s main thermostat whenever possible. 26 • If the fireplace has a thermostat, keep it at the lowest

Outside of the fireplace firebox in the usually on the right side of the burner pan. Before Lighting ??Before lighting, smell all around the gas logs for gas. If you smell gas, do not attempt to light the gas logs and call If not, repeat process. To Turn Pilot Flame Off ??From

Remote Receiver Wiring Check (Remote will not turn fireplace ON) 1. Remote Trouble Shooting Guide *Wall panel switch will not turn fireplace "ON" or "OFF" 1. Verify the gas control knob is in the "ON" position (Fig. 1) 2.

VENT FREE GAS FIREPLACE SYSTEM MODEL # EDP200T2-JA EDP200T2-MO EDP200T2-O EDP200T2-C EDP200T2CC-DO CAUTION – FOR YOUR SAFETY TO TURN OFF GAS TO APPLIANCE Shut off heater. Turn Control Knob clockwise to the OFF position. Do not force.

Your ST900 Decorative Gas Fireplace requires that annual service checks be As the gas control valves turn ON and OFF, a dull clicking sound may be audible, this is normal operation of a valve. When the fire is switched off

How do I light the pilot on my gas fireplace? If available, follow the instructions in your fireplace manual. However, If the log set will not turn off continue to step 2. [Note: If you are using a remote control, you may need new batteries.]

Vent-Free Gas Fireplace United States Stove Company 851466A 01/01 WARNING: If the information in this manual is Use only your hand to push in or turn the gas control knob. Never use tools. If the knob will not push in or turn by hand,

• Do not turn on or off electrical switches or appliances. Natural gas fireplace logs are an exception to the much higher than normal or if the flame does not always burn blue. Natural gas water heaters Set your natural gas water heater temperature to

Gas Fireplace, Stove and Insert Safety FAQs Each year, millions of people enjoy the warmth, comfort and turn the fire on/off, you may not know when the fire was actually turned off. Therefore, always consider the glass to be potentially

To disconnect the electric fireplace heater, turn controls to off, then remove opening as this may cause an electric shock or fire, or damage the heater. 12) To prevent a possible fire, do not block air intakes or exhaust in any manner.

ELECTRIC FLAT PANEL FIREPLACE HEATER OWNERS MANUAL Model Numbers: KVWALL-24B; turn on or use while the unit is sitting on the floor, ground, This electric fireplace can be operated by the CONTROL PANEL,

To prevent contact with sagging or loose Insulation, the electric fireplace must not be Installed against vapor electric shock or personal injury. Do not run cord under carpeting. Do not cover maintenance or relocation of this electric fireplace. Turn all controls to OFF and

The electric fireplace is not intended for use in bathrooms, laundry areas To disconnect the unit, turn the controls off, then remove the plug from the outlet. 10. Electric Fireplace Manual Control

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