Gas Forced Hot Water Furnace

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Homes that use hot water or steam from a gas boiler No matter which type of natural gas water heater you chose, combo heater: a single gas appliance that provides forced-air space-heating and hot water CSST:

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Natural gas forced-air furnace with ECM . 96% or higher AFUE : • Type of unit (natural gas furnace, condensing hot water boiler, Chapter 5, Residential Furnaces and Boilers Evaluation Protocol: The Uniform Methods Project:

The bottom of the barrel: How the dirtiest heating oil pollutes our air and harms our health M.J. Bradley & Associates LLC 6 Steam systems are generally significantly less efficient than hot water systems, requiring

• Forced hot water system requires at least one circulating pump. • Circulating pump provides energy to move water Applies to ALL Aluminum High Effi ciency Gas-Fired Water Boilers Eliminate System Leaks Continuous addition of make-up water will constantly add oxygen to system.

Add on unit attached to a forced hot water boiler $70 Furnace AFUE ≥90% rating Indirect water heater attached to natural gas Energy Star® hot water boiler with AFUE ≥85% TYPE(S) OF CONTROLS EQUIPMENT INSTALLED INSTALLED COST

Diagnostic Flash Codes A flashing red LED diagnostic code indicates that a sequence of events has forced a lockout condition and is in an external No hot water will be caused by flash codes # 2, 3 indications and causes of a gas water heater fault will apply. For instance, sooting

Or gas furnace. Outdoor unit. Used with remote air handler or gas furnace. Economy. Used with remote air handler or gas furnace. Hydronic. Add-on to other unit for high volume hot water users. Also for radiant floor, spas, pools, fan coils Forced air heating & cooling with capability of

Air a small amount of air is forced (120°F hot air temp, 60°F water supply temp, 0.5" static pressure difference between supply and return) used by all humidifier manufacturers. even when your furnace is not running. A furnace humidifier will

Rinnai — The First Tankless Company to Bring You Endless Hot Water and a Hydronic Furnace in One Package • Rinnai Gives You a Matched Component System. your home’s air is less dry than with a typical gas furnace. • Heat Your Air as Efficiently as Your Water.

The need for a separate furnace for space heating. Combination water and space heating systems use a A forced air system can either use hot water cost more to install than gas water heating and electric resistance heating.

•Domestic hot water heated water to heat your home by a forced air or radiant heating system. • Set electric as backup to wood furnace when you are away • Use electric elements to heat domestic water during the summer

Lifebreath Clean Air Furnace. Hot water remains potable for on boiler or combo radiant floor/forced air options. Q. Can air conditioning be added? A. gas or oil flames, fumes, or flue gases, the Lifebreath CAF ensures that safety is

We will also learn that a gas furnace requires a substantial These forced-draft furnaces have flue-gas temperatures ing appliances, vent connectors, gas vents, chimneys, steam and hot water pipes, and warm air ducts,

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