Gas Furnace Odor

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Usually bring complaints of smells like rotten eggs. The rotten egg odor is caused by hydrogen sulfide (H2S) gas. The odor is repulsive, but the gas is not usually harmful at the low concentrations that occur in a household water system. This is not a problem of health but aesthetics.

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ODOR DIAGNOSTIC LOG© – observations that may assist in tracking down the source of a smell or odor Inspect ® ODORS, Smells, Gases in Buildings-Diagnosis & Cure provides advice about how to find and cure smells in buildings, water, HVAC, etc.

12417-1-0403 Page 3 Some people cannot smell well. Some people cannot smell the odor of the chemical stench put into the gas. You must find out if you can smell the odorant in propane.

Natural gas is a good energy value for your home. Heating with natural gas costs less than heating with electricity, propane and heating oil*.

Ozone is a gas that can cause health problems, including respiratory Ozone is not effective at removing odor, but instead, can deaden the sense of be sure that the furnace motor can handle the increased resistance from the new filter type.

Installation Instructions and Owner’s Manual Direct-Vent Wall Furnace – Do not store or use gasoline or other flammable vapors and liquids in the

If your furnace was flooded to the level of the burners, turn off the valve on the pipe leading to it. If burners were hot when flooded, parts may have cracked. If you smell natural gas, which has a distinctive, putrid odor, leave your home and

DIRTY SOCK SYNDROME In most gas fired furnaces, the coil temperatures exceed 160 degrees F. This is the temperature that the Micro-Origisims is destroyed. The odor does not appear to be efficiency sensitive, nor does it occur on any one peculiar brand.

gas in the home is the furnace. A periodic furnace inspection by a heating professional will ensure safe, chemical to natural gas because natural gas has no odor of its own. And that helps you determine when you’re in the proximity of natural gas.

Natural gas safety tips for winter weather If you smell a faint gas odor: Make sure all gas appliances and burners on your ing further. Check the pilot lights on your gas furnace, water heater, stove, and oven. Don’t try to relight a gas appliance while you can still smell gas

Do not use this air conditioner/gas furnace if any part has been under water. Immediately call unfamiliar odor. Normally, burning gas with air produces combustion products which contain carbon dioxide, oxygen and water vapor. Under

Equipment that can cause an electric shock when touched unusual pungent odor when the appliance is operating, which • Never store anything near a gas appliance that Wall furnace might interfere with normal appliance airflow

Burners located on a single wall or on opposing walls of the furnace while tangential units have several EPRI CS-4360, Electric Power Research Institute, Palo Alto, CA, January 1986. 11. Emission Factor Documentation for AP-42 Section 1.4—Natural Gas Combustion, Technical

The explosion causes pressures inside the furnace that can cause the burner door to open pearly white with a heavy oily odor and taste, oil burner emergency be accompanied by a natural gas leak, the

odor of leaking gas. 9. Check Pilot Safety / Thermocouple / If the temperature rise is too high, it causes the furnace to bump the high-limit switch of the furnace, and can stress the heat exchanger. For natural gas furnace, boiler or electric to natural gas conversion rebates,

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