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EL280 Two-stage gas furnace comfortable. Money-saving energy efficiency really cozy up to. You can always come home to a warm welcome with the Lennox® EL280 furnace. That’s because its two-stage operation

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O23 Oil Furnace Up to 83% AFUE Provides quiet, reliable operation with fast shutoff of oil flow. Insulated Blower Compartment – lennox O23 oil furnace, furnace, gas furnaces, gas furnace, home furnace, residential furnace,

Upflow/Horizontal Gas Furnace Gas connection size for all models is 1/2" [12 mm] N.P.T. In accordance with D.O.E. test procedures. See Conversion Kit Index Form for high altitude derate. [ ] Designates Metric Conversions national.

Upflow/ Downflow Horizontal Right or Left Gas-Fired Furnace XL 80 TUD2A040A9242A TUD2A060A9362A with adaptive heat up • Integrated solid state control with self-diagnostics (21" Wide Gas Furnace).. TFM210A9FR0 [ ] Electronic Air Filter, “Perfect

(21" Wide Gas Furnace).. TFM210A9FR0 [ ] Electronic Air Filter, “Perfect Fit” High 2 Ratings shown are for elevations up to 2000 feet. Trane Downflow/Horizontal Condensing, Gas-Fired Furnace

• Single-stage gas valve • Durable Hot-surface igniter • Quiet, , depending upon furnace input, number of elbows, length of run and installation Failure to unfold flanges may reduce airflow by up to 18%.


TWO-STAGE, VARIABLE SPEED GAS-FIRED FURNACE PUB. NO. 12-1095-09 Freedom 80vs MODELS AUD2B060A9V3VB AUD2B080A9V3VB AUD2C080A9V4VB AUD2C080B9V4VA (BTUH) are up to 4,500 feet, derate 4% per 1,000 feet for elevations above 4,500 feet above sea level. 3 Based on U.S. government standard tests.

This furnace installation. 7. A furnace shall be installed so electrical components variation would be slightly to the left and/or forward in up-flow installations or slightly toward the front in horizontal in- HORIZONTAL FURNACE GAS PIPING MAY BE FROM EITHER SIDE (UPFLOW SHOWN)

2 Rheem Heating, Cooling and Water Heating STANDARD EQUIPMENT Completely assembled and wired; induced draft; pressure switch; redundant main gas control; blower compartment door safety switch; solid state time on/time off

Installation of Furnace Coils 3.. Connect Refrigerant Piping 5 blow −off or coil freeze up due to the concentration of air enough to allow clearance for gas flow furnace flange. 2.

Buyer's Guide Natural Gas Heating System Buyer's Guide Natural Gas Heating System

System to the AFUE of a new Trane furnace and see how much you can potentially save. For example, upgrading from an AFUE of 60 to an AFUE of 90 can save up to $33 of every $100 spent on fuel. gas valve, and an AFUE of up to 97.3%.

Assuming that natural gas is made up of 100% methane, the combustion air mass flow rate, m ca, and natural gas mass flow rate, m ng. EA = [(m ca / m ng) Calculate the combustion efficiency of natural gas furnace if the temperature of the combustion air, Tca, is 72⁰F,

Air Model Number Identification RGRK Series 5 Model Number Identification R G R K M A E S Rheem Gas Furnace Upflow/ Condensing Gas Furnace Design Series Variations

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