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HIGH EFFICIENCY SPACE HEATING PROGRAM (Missouri gas customers) This program is designed to assist customers of The Empire District Gas Company reduce

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Company/Furnace Capacity/Btuh Dimensions Features Warranty AmAnA AMVM96 Circle 165 Welcome to our 28th Annual Guide to High-efficiency Gas Furnaces, which showcases furnaces from boiler & water heater from Laars Heating Systems.

Gme95 TWO-STAGE GAS vALvE, HIGH-EFFICIEnCY, MULTI-SPEED GAS FURnACE Up to 95% aFue perFormance ® Energy Star ratings are dependent upon conditions beyond

National Grid / KeySpan Gas Energy Efficiency Interim Programs Descriptions & Budget October 24, 2007 less common furnace-based systems, water in a heat exchanger coil circulates through the Efficiency ratings for larger heating equipment, which exceeds

RESIDENTIAL OIL-FIRED FURNACES The Furnace for Every Application: Keep Your Family and gas or oil-fired warm air furnace. All air-conditioners are air cooled and Ratings. From 70,000 to 140,000.

• Type of unit (natural gas furnace, condensing hot water boiler, AHRI ratings for efficiency Chapter 5, Residential Furnaces and Boilers Evaluation Protocol: The Uniform Methods Project:

Rheem R95P Classic Series Gas Furnace. You can feel confi dent, thanks to rigorous testing of all major Higher AFUE ratings refl ect higher effi ciency. ** Testing showed, water spillage and potential water damage to your home.

HIGH-EFFICIENCY RESIDENTIAL GAS FURNACES. Replacing your old furnace with a superior York® Diamond® 90, capable of achieving up to 94.3% AFUE, (AFUE) ratings to allow you to compare the efficiency of furnaces. The higher the AFUE percentage

GAMA-An Association of Appliance & Equipment Manufacturers Vent Free Gas Products Water Heater May 23, 2004 Docket No. 03-AAER-1 proposed requirements would eliminate 92% of gas furnace listings between 60kBTUh and 150kBTUh, 80% below 60kBTUh,

For gas water heaters over 55 gallons, high efficiency, fully condensing combustion technology will be required. tankless approach, most of these water heaters currently have EF ratings of .82 or better. Impact on Water Heater Manufacturers

Commercial Gas Water Heater 96% THERMAL EFFICIENCY VERSATILE POWER DIRECT VENT BTX-100 Page 1 of 2 Revised November 2013 AOSCG10101 The Cyclone Xi is a light-duty, power direct vent, fully condensing commercial gas water

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