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The Charter Township of Ypsilanti, ProEnergy Consultants, Lochinvar,, Novi Insulation, Habitat expanded to help non-Habitat homeowners who couldn't afford the Critical Repair furnace and water heater. The heat used to fluctuate

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Ypsilanti Township Housing Inspection Checklist General minimum one each floor* o Operable escape windows* o Operable windows in good repair* o Screens April 1-November 31 o Reasonable # of outlets o Furnace clean and check @ 4 years o Gas fired appliances properly vented*

Ypsilanti, MI 48197 C of O $ _____ Building Permit & Plan Review Application I. Location of Building Please Print Clearly At (location) Furnace Street Grades Grading Use of public areas Oil burner Wrecking Other (specify)

CITY OF YPSILANTI BUILDING DEPARTMENT Furnace – Must have Water Heater – Must have access covers in place, flue connections correct (bonnet secure, water drip leg, correct gas/relief valve and 30” required clearance at all times). Boiler

Lon Grossman Lon and his 3 Home Repair Columnist, Detroit Free Press since 1981 Contributing writer – Detroit Homes Magazine Contributing writer – Detroit Home Improvement Magazine Contributing writer to ASHI Technical Journals Contributing writer NAHI Forum

Instead, turn up the furnace thermostat (or ask your landlord to do so) and dress appropriate-ly for the weather. If You Smell Gas Never give keys to delivery persons or repair personnel. Never admit strangers to your apartment. City of Ann Arbor’s Housing Code to be placed on win-

Ypsilanti, MI, 48197 In the city legal fees and court costs as allowed by law, repair charges, trash fees, lockout charges and unpaid utility bills are Service By TENTH: The LESSOR agrees to provide the LESSEE with the use of a range, refrigerator, furnace or facilities, water

Ypsilanti, MI – Installed new eternal tankless water heater. 26 days ago Ypsilanti, repair, water heater installation, windows have been installed as well as a 2 stage furnace, an eternal hot water heater (tankless),

Lon Grossman Lon and his 3 Ypsilanti, MI Completed 03/25-26/06 ASHI Great Lakes Chapter Buyer’s Agency and the Home Inspectors Novi, MI Completed 11/08/05 Gas Furnace Inspections Schaumberg, IL Completed 07/16-17/94 ASHI Great Lakes Chapter

Furnace Repair $ Cooking Gas $ Home Repairs $ Burial/cremation i $ Type of repair needed? DHS-1514, Application for State Emergency Relief Author: Department of Human Services Subject: Application for State Emergency Relief Keywords:

Bid Proposal Summary Owner: Rosemary Williams Property: 2838 Appleridge, Ypsilanti, MI 48198 Internal Estimate Davis Designer Homes, Inc LaSant

Sample letters about repair and maintenance, termination of occupancy, and notice of forwarding address; Eviction Timeline Landlord’s Duties Tenant’s Duties occupant—gas leak, flooding, defective furnace, or major roof damage); 2. Major problems

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