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Use the map above to determine your region and compare to the chart below to find your application size. 80% AFUE Gas Furnace Region 1 Region 2 Region 3 Region 4 Region 5 Furnace Size 624-780 675-840 750-940 915-1140 1025-1280 40,000 BTU 780-1170 840-1260 940-1410 1140-1710 1280-1925 60,000 BTU

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To install a high efficiency gas furnace as a retrofit measure; calculator to use when comparing energy costs across fuels and equipment types and climates. A fabricated based on the new furnace dimensions and the size of the openings.

For a 92-per-cent efficient gas furnace: Note: which is the difference between 18°C and -35°C. Calculating the size of the furnace necessary on the coldest day of the About Your House Replacing Your Furnace

G Gas Furnace 75,000 15 ft ½” It is recommend that a licensed gas tradesman size, design, and install the gas system. Pipe Sizing Formula and Factors You can calculate the required inside diameter of the piping required for a specific appliance/system capacity and length.

Residential Duct Sizing Guide increased by 1 round size for up to 800 CFM and 2 round sizes furnace heating and air conditioning applications. Larger air volumes or higher static pressures should be dealt with on an individual job basis.

COMMERCIAL & LARGE RESIDENTIAL GAS & OIL FIRED FURNACES The Furnace for Every Application: HIGHBOY SERIES Available for either residential, commercial or

Gas Furnace Cfm Calculation.pdf To download full version Burner BTU Calculator Instructions – ABANA Depending on the orifice size, shape and design, this number may vary from .5 – This is the amount of air required in

11” W.C. Line Sizing Chart – Pipe & Copper- Size of Pipe or Copper Tubing, Inches Copper Tubing (O.D.) Pipe Maximum capacity of pipe or tubing in thousands of BTU/hr of LP-Gas 11 inches W.C. inlet with a 1/2 inch W.C. Pressure Drop. 158

Using CPC Pipe Sizing Table (Natural Gas) This handout will guide you thru the basic, most common method for sizing a natural gas piping system for any Pipe Sizing Methods. Where the piping size is to be determined using either of the methods below, the

• Convenient left or right connection for gas/electric service • Coil and furnace fit flush for most installations. + ID Blower amps. Wire size should be determined in accordance with National Electrical Codes. GMH8 1405D*C High 5 2,469 42

The available heat calculator is considered an essential part of Available heat for the furnace (%) It is calculated assuming natural gas is used as fuel. However, this

HVAC FORMULAS CFM = _____BTU/Hr / ( 1.08 x Temperature Difference) TON OF REFRIGERATION A 100,000 BTU/hr. oil or gas furnace (100,000 / 3413 = 29.3 KW) COULOMB = 6.24 X 1018 (1 Coulomb = 1 Amp) CALCULATING OIL NOZZLE SIZE (GPH): BTU Input = Nozzle Size (GPH) 140,000 BTU’s OR

Media Air Filter, “Perfect Fit” High Efficiency (21" Wide Gas Furnace L.P. Gas Qty. — Drill Size GAS VALVE PILOT SAFETY DEVICE Type BURNERS — Type TUH2C100A9V4VA Upflow / Horizontal 65,000 61,750 100,000 95,000 95 35 – 65

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