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The purpose of the gas valve is to reduce the gas line pressure to a level required by the using appliance. The gas valve also acts as a safety device to shut off the gas automatically in case of flame failure. Modern gas valves incorporate pressure regula-

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Gas furnace controls – part 4 will review Group IV of the four groups of controls systems. The next slide will show all four groups as a review.

GAS FURNACE AND HEATER TROUBLESHOOTING CHART Problem Possible Cause Solution Furnace won’t run 1. No power. 1. Check for blown fuses or tripped No gas. 5. Make sure gas valve to furnace is fully open. Not enough heat 1. Thermostat set too low. 1.

Trane 95 and 90 Gas Furnaces Innovative furnaces with efficiency in mind. Works with modulating gas valve to enhance efficiency, comfort and reliability. whole new level of comfort available when your gas furnace is installed with other Trane components

Gas valves are not serviceable; the following are simple troubleshooting and description of how gas valves operate. A. Thermocouple-Only: Found in: gas space heaters and construction-site portable heaters. This type of gas valve used a single thermocouple. A thermocouple is a device

TROUBLESHOOTING MILLIVOLT GAS VALVES Part # 023625 (natural) & 023624 (LP) TH TP TH TP MILLIVOLT CONTROL VALVE To check Resistance of the gas valve, connect one wire to the valve as shown. 1. Resistance between the THTP & TH terminals must be 11.5 W±0.2 W 2.

gas furnace user’s information manual for the operation and maintenance of your new gas-fired furnace note to installer: this manual must be left

Furnace Pilot Gas Valve Replace Instructions While having your heater's instruction manual around is handy, it's not entirely While holding down the pilot gas valve or the red button with one hand, you will Contact an appliance repair

1 2 3 4 A Trane 80 gas furnace is the foundation for the amazing comfort of a Trane matched system. Your Trane gas furnace is already going to make you

Gas Furnace Planned Maintenance * * * * * * * * * * * * * Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) Percentage of the annual average efficiency of a furnace All furnaces manufactured after 1992 must have a AFUE of at least 78% Types of Gas-Fired Furnaces Natural Draft Induced-Draft Condensing


Upflow/ Horizontal Downflow/Horizontal Condensing, Direct Vent Gas-Fired Furnace PUB. NO. 22-1836-08 XR 95 TUH1B040A9241A, TUH1B060A9361A,

Cb-dsxc18 two-stage gas valve, high-efficiency, gmh95 multi-speed gas furnace up to 96% afue performance ® ®

Induced Combustion Gas Furnace NOTE TO INSTALLER: This manual must be left with the equipment user. contacted to inspect the furnace and to replace all gas controls, control system parts, GAS VALVE HOT SURFACE IGNITOR BLOWER DOOR SAFETY SWITCH FURNACE CONTROL BOARD VENT

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